Press Release for Travel Industry

Every industry, business model, and organization can benefit by leveraging the power of a press release to help them increase awareness and grow their brand and business. However, each industry has its own unique opportunities and needs. 

The healthcare industry may approach press releases different from technology, and the travel industry may have different opportunities for releases than a non-profit. The travel industry is quite a unique industry and press releases can play a prominent role in their success. As a travel industry representative, as you seek opportunities to leverage press releases, look for the following areas to help you expand and grow.

1. Lists

The travel industry is a fantastic opportunity to create lists, and media professionals love lists. Lists make great press release headlines, too. Lists can range from “The Top Ten Areas for Single to Travel” to “The 10 Best Vineyards in the Midwest.” There really is no limit to the number of travel related lists that you can create, and each list is an opportunity to prepare and distribute a press release. For a travel agency or travel-related product or service business, lists can be a huge asset to your marketing strategy.

2. Travel News

The world is constantly evolving and as it does, strategies for travel can change as well. For example, a year ago people may have been flocking to Greece for vacation, while today they may be worried about the country’s plummeting economy and safety could be on their mind. As the travel conditions change, the travel industry has to respond. This response, whether it’s an editorial response or a change to company policies and procedures, is an opportunity for a press release. You can share the news and the reason behind the changes with your audience and with the media.

3. Offers

Whether you’re offering special packages, partnering with airlines, hotels, or other organizations, or you’re adding a service to your business, special offers and new launches are an opportunity to issue and distribute a press release. Any new launches, offers, or changes to your catalog of products or services can warrant a press release.

Another facet of the travel industry that may be a little different than other industries is how you distribute your press releases. Press release distribution via a distribution service can ensure that you reach a wide audience. It’s also important for you to integrate your release marketing efforts to your other channels. 

How do you normally connect with your prospects and customers? Social media, email and your blog are all great ways to not only expand on the value of your press release, but to also get the most return on your investment. Press releases can be a valuable marketing asset for those in the travel industry. 

Anthony Santiago is Director of Marketing at Newswire. With over a decade of experience in PR, he helps ensure that clients understand the value of brand messaging and reach.

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