Make Your Press Release Idea Relevant to the Media

If you want the media to share your story, then make your press release idea relevant to that media. You want to tell about your new product or service because it is important. You want to share your event because it is a good thing to share. To get the attention of the media professionals, you will need more than just a good story. You will first need to grab the attention of those people that are flipping through the stacks of press release ideas, and then you will need to hold their attention until they feel like they have to share your story with others.

Top Elements to Make Your Press Release Idea Relevant

Have a hook – There needs to be something in the title that catches the attention of the media professionals. It should connect to current events, to the community, or provide emotional reactions. The hook helps you stand up above the crowd.

Get to the point – The best press release will reveal the essence of the story within the first few words. The prose of the press release can come in the body of the content, but media professionals need to have an understanding of the point from the very beginning. Leave the mystery to fiction writing and put the point of the press release upfront and obvious.

Be flawless – One of the biggest benefits the press release offers is easy content for the media outlets to fill their publications and time slots – but easy is just part of the equation. A clean, accurate, and concise story is what they are seeking. It is important that you invest the resources to edit the content until it is flawless and tight in its presentation.

Make it sharable – The expansion of mobile technology allows for the sharing of information on the spot and all the time. A relevant press release will include links, graphics, and other elements that will make it easy for readers to pass the content on to others. 

Be timely – You want to connect to the hot topics of the day, but you do not want to try and compete with breaking news stories. It is a fine balance to produce newsworthy content that is related to the news of the day without trying to overshadow or compete with it. When you manage to find that balance you will have a press release that the media will share, and which will be passed on to others by their audience.

Having something to tell is only the beginning. You need to present your story in a way that it will grab and keep the attention of the media professionals. Developing a powerful hook can be what pulls your press release out of the pile of information that crowds the feeds of the media professionals. 

Once you have their attention, you need to have a storyline that’s precise, clean, and sharable to be certain that it will be utilized. Investing in these elements will allow you to make your press release idea relevant to the reader.

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Anthony Santiago is Director of Marketing at Newswire. With over a decade of experience in PR, he helps ensure that clients understand the value of brand messaging and reach.

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