Is Your Press Release Missing These Critical Elements?

Press releases are much different today than they were a year or two ago. Today’s press release must include visual media elements, social networking elements and more. It’s a competitive world and it’s important to make sure your press release has the following critical elements.


Any press release published in 2014 and beyond needs to embrace visuals as a core component. Journalists expect it. The search engines index images, so you may actually receive a high page ranking for images shared in your press release. Also, you’ll reach more viewers with visuals. Content that contains photos, illustrations, graphics and charts is shared more often than content without images.


In addition to a link in your call to action, today’s press releases really need to include other external links. Link to your website within the body of the content and make sure that the links not only work but that they are embedded in keyword clouds. Also make sure that the content around any links motivates readers to click through.

Social Media Accounts

Add relevant social media tags to your press release when possible. Some press release distribution sites don’t provide this function. Look for services that provide social media press release functionality so you can integrate your press release with your social media marketing. Imagine how much more powerful your releases would be if readers could immediately share them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Subscription Options

Can people who read your press release subscribe to your email list? Can they RSS your website? Can they see what others are saying on bookmarking sites like Technorati and Digg? These functions aren’t imperative, but they can be a helpful way to boost the return on investment from your press release.

Contact Information

You wouldn’t imagine that a business would forget this key information yet it happens all the time. Make sure that your press release includes a contact name and a few methods to reach the person including a phone number and email address.

Relevant Statistics

Most press releases contain statistics, yet often times these data points are irrelevant to the message and the point of the release. If you don’t have relevant statistics to support your press release, gather them. Create a quick study or survey to gather the facts that you need.

Next time you write and distribute a press release, strive to add as many of these elements as possible. You’ll see a dramatic improvement in the visibility and effectiveness of your press release.

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