Is Branding An Important Element Of A Press Release?

There are essential elements of all successful press releases. For example, they must be newsworthy. A good press release is also relevant and timely, as well as formatted properly. It must have a call to action and include your contact information. In today’s modern media market it should also contain some visual elements like a link to a video, charts, or photos of the people involved. But what about branding? Is branding an important element and, if so, what role does it play and how do you use branding in your press release?

Branding is an Outcome

Branding isn’t necessarily a core component of a press release. It’s not a headline or a call to action. Rather, branding is what happens when you consistently write and distribute quality press releases. For example, if you distribute a press release each month and it’s on a relevant and newsworthy topic, then you’re going to build your brand. Each release strengthens your position as a company that is innovative or authoritative, or instrumental for change. Your press release topics and the goals behind them also help brand your business. There’s a difference between a company that releases a press release each month to announce a new product versus a press release that announces a charity event. One isn’t better than the other but you can see how a brand can be built on the type of press releases a company issues.

Branding within Your Release

The voice you use in your press release content, including the quotes and statistics, help create an image in the minds of your readers. If your quotes, for example, are witty and clever then that will position you differently than quotes that are authoritative. Within your press release you also intentionally (or unintentionally) brand your business with the language that you use and the imagery. A press release about a charity event might show formal photos of the people involved in the event, or it might show people smiling and engaged in an activity. Your graphics can be stark and to the point, or they can be colorful.

Consistency is Key

The important take away is that while branding is an outcome of an effective press release campaign, it doesn’t happen by accident. Your press releases need to be consistent in terms of voice and message. Know who your audience is and understand how they interact to and relate to your brand. Make sure each press release you write and distribute accurately reflects who you are and what your company is about.

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