Is Access to a Media Database Important?

The secret behind successful PR mainly has to do with the tools used. These tools consist of distribution service, influencer platform, and a media database. Utilizing these things leads to a memorable PR campaign.

The use of a media database is one of the most important tools a PR agent can use. It’s access to millions of media contacts at one’s fingertips. Why wouldn’t anyone want to have access to one?

Let’s take a look at what a media database is and discuss whether access to a media database is important:

What is A Media Database?

A Media Database or a Media Contacts Database is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a collection of lists of journalists, and the media type they work for. It usually includes the following key pieces of information:

  • Their name
  • Publication or channel they work for
  • Designations (past and present)
  • Topics they cover
  • Contact Information
  • Online presence, like blogs and other social networking sites
  • Education information, etc.

You can see how this information could be useful. A media database gives you everyone and everything you are looking for. Filtering through location, beat, and/or industry, you can easily begin building media relations.

Is Access to a Media Database Important?

Contact information about a media representative, journalist, or report is all online. In fact, that’s often how the database is put together. Someone literally sits down, researches online, and adds the information to the database.

This information is available to you too. You, or someone you hire like your PR manager, can do the legwork and find this information on their own. So a media database isn’t essential for your PR success.

However, if we’re talking about saving time, and often money, then access to a media database can certainly be helpful. A media contacts database allows your PR manager the ability to access hundreds of journalists with a few short keystrokes. This simplicity is why databases are often created and sold to companies.

Do you need a media database to be successful? No. Would it make your life easier? Yes.

How to Access a Media Database:

You can buy them online. Hire a PR firm that will undoubtedly use them. You can also put your own database together.

Keep in mind: If you purchase a database online, make sure the media representatives information is updated. Double check to see if their information is accurate, otherwise, the money you spent has been wasted.

The information available may be more or less, based on the research methods of the media research company that creates the database.

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Anthony Santiago is Director of Marketing at Newswire. With over a decade of experience in PR, he helps ensure that clients understand the value of brand messaging and reach.

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