IDTechEx Utilizes Newswire’s Media Database to Target the Right Audience

In order to target the right audience via the right media outlet for outreach campaigns, IDTechEX has chosen to use Newswire’s Media Database to develop their media relationships. With an already existing pool of connections, IDTechEx achieves the Earned Media Advantage by distributing the right message to the right audience, at the right time.

The Newswire Media Database empowers the Earned MEdia Advantage by providing all users the opportunity to connect with key media contacts for better coverage. Selecting the right journalists and engaging in conversations, builds strong relationships which can be utilized to help grow the company’s media exposure.

Simon Kirk, Product Marketing Manager for IDTechEx said, “The media database has yielded good results for us. We aim to find the right people to influence them directly with insight and information that is meaningful and relevant.”

Through the database, IDTechEx has access to over 1.7 million media contacts to select from. With the new updates and features, sorting through contacts has been made easier and more impactful. They are able to target key contacts who have covered similar stories in their industry, demonstrating their understanding of the space.

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