How To Write A Press Release For Your E-Commerce Store

You have set up your e-commerce store, added your products, listed your store online, and now what? The sales should be coming in like crazy, right? Not quite! It is important to strategically market your e-commerce store in a variety of ways in order to get sales going on your site. What can you include in your strategic marketing plan? A press release can be a great first step!


But what should you include in your press release?

A good press release should first, and foremost, include a newsworthy item. What could constitute a “newsworthy item” when it comes to e-commerce stores?

  • The launch of a new e-commerce site
  • Launching new products in your e-commerce store
  • Any contests or competitions that you are running in conjunction with your e-commerce store
  • Free samples or promotional items that are tied to your e-commerce store
  • Any holiday or seasonal sales
  • Any special promotions you may be running, such as free shipping or a percentage off the first order
  • Any socially conscious efforts that your store is involved in – charity work, fundraising activities, sponsorships for events, going green, etc.
  • Any and all testimonials or in-depth customer success stories

How should you organize your press release?

  • Include a heading. This needs to be a STRONG heading. Using a strong title can draw a reader in.
  • Include a sub-heading. Give your readers a “taste” of what’s to come in the press release – helping the heading to draw them in. This should not be longer than one to two sentences, preferably keeping it at just one.
  • Think like a journalist for your opening paragraph. This paragraph should be the strongest one, while answering questions about your e-commerce store.
    • What do you want the readers of your press release to know?
    • Who does your e-commerce store affect?
    • Why should the readers want to keep reading and/or care about the content?
    • If you are writing your press release about something date-specific (i.e. – a holiday sale or special event), make sure you include your dates in the opening paragraph.
  • Include more details in your middle paragraph(s). Back up what you said in your sub-heading and opening paragraph by including testimonials, statistics, data, and case studies.
  • Keep your ending strong, too, with a good conclusion. In addition to summing up what you’ve said, an effective conclusion will include a call to action or details on where more content can be found.
  • Also included in a press release is a boilerplate and notes. A boilerplate is a brief company profile and contact information for the company. Notes can include the company logo and the press release date.

The most important thing, though, is to make sure you are writing and submitting press releases that people will find interesting and will apply to their lives. Don’t write press releases just to have more information for your “news page” on your site.

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Anthony Santiago is Director of Marketing at Newswire. With over a decade of experience in PR, he helps ensure that clients understand the value of brand messaging and reach.

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