How to Target Your Press Release for Distribution

The first step is to decide who you’re going to send your press release to. Who is your audience and what’s the news you’re going to share with them? Make sure the news you’re sharing is information that is relevant and timely – that it’s news they’ll care about.

Now, keep in mind that you can tweak your press release for different audiences. For example, the press release that you send to journalists may have a different headline than the release you share with your opt-in list. It all depends on the goals for your content and your audience.

The second step is to write a great press release. Of course, this is easier said than done. However, with a good newsworthy story and the right structure, you can have a winning press release ready to go.

The third step is to identify a press release distribution site. Look for a site that reaches all of the media outlets, newswires, and networks that fit your needs. Also look for one that offers social media functionality like RSS and the ability to add images to your press release.

Now it’s time to create your press release distribution plan. Consider creating a targeted distribution plan. This helps you hit the right people at the right time with your release. It also helps you track the impact your release has and how effective it is within any given target market.

For example, you might distribute your press release to all industry publications. You could also target blogs, social media sites, or particular regions of the country. You can target your press release to be distributed to your customers with one message, and to your prospects and subscribers in another. Distributions can be targeted to small audiences or can be sent to thousands. With today’s technology you can even publish and distribute your press release in a number of different languages.

Targeting your press release for distribution is about knowing who you want to send your release to and why the information matters to them. Set goals for your press release and your target audience. For example, if you send to industry publications do you have a different goal than when you send your release to your customers? Make any necessary changes to the release so that your message impacts your target audience and you achieve the goals you set out to achieve.

If you’re new to using press releases to market your business, begin with a small scale approach to targeting the distribution. Use a press release distribution service to make a broad sweep of the major media outlets. Then send the release to your customers and/or prospects. Track the results and use the information to systematically grow your press release marketing campaign.

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