How to Launch a Product with a Press Release

Your product is almost ready to be launched. Before you announce it to the world, take some time to craft a press release marketing strategy. It’s a better way to make sure you get the coverage your product deserves and your company wants.

How Does A Launch Press Release Differ from Others?

A product launch press release needs to drum up some excitement and interest for your new product. That means that your news or story isn’t that you have a new product. No one really cares about that; it’s not news. However, they do care how the product solves a problem. So the “news” that your release announces needs to highlight what makes your product different.

For example, a supplement company announces the launch of a new line of supplements. The new supplements are essentially the same as many other supplements out there but these are organic and made in America. That can be the angle for the news release.

The other component of a launch press release that is different than other types of releases is the timing. You want to make sure the product is released and the information hits the newswires at the same time. With other releases you may distribute the press release before the event or news happens or afterwards. A launch can actually provide you with several opportunities to create a press release.

Timing Your Product Launch

Most product launches have several phases. There is the pre-launch phase where you want to build excitement for the pending product launch. You might issue a white paper or a video “how to” series to help promote the launch. Consider creating press releases for any pre-launch events or content giveaways.

The next phase is usually the actual launch, and we’ve talked a bit about that already. Keep in mind that if you’re using a press release to help generate sales that a social media release is a great idea. Include videos and links to other supporting content. Make sure supplemental content all has the same goal and objective; to sell your new product.

The final phase is the post-launch phase where you might begin upselling or transitioning customers deeper into your sales funnel. You could release case studies and promotions for higher-priced products. This is another opportunity to create press releases to build awareness and make sales.

Launching a product with a press release takes a little bit of advance planning. Know how you’re going to promote your new product and what supplemental content you’re going to create. Time your launch and look for opportunities within each phase to use a press release. Finally, make sure to leverage supplemental materials to help you share the good news and to motivate sales.

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Anthony Santiago is Director of Marketing at Newswire. With over a decade of experience in PR, he helps ensure that clients understand the value of brand messaging and reach.

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