How to Get More People Sharing Your Press Release on Social Media

You’re already active on social media, and one of the best ways to improve marketing results is to integrate your tactics. Press releases and social media are a natural fit. Your audience is on social media and the press constantly scours social media to stay up to date on industry news and to get story ideas. Sharing your press release on social media makes good sense and the more shares you can get, the better your press release marketing results.

Include Social Sharing in Your Press Releases

One of the simplest ways to have more people share your press release is to include social sharing buttons or links in the press release itself. In order for this to be most effective, it helps to work with a press release distribution service that offers social media press releases. These releases integrate social sharing into the features and functionality. You’ll find that when you make your press releases easy to share, so that the reader simply has to click a button, your press releases will receive significantly more shares.

Include Photos, Videos, and Images in Your Press Release

Visual content is shared more than twice as often as content without visual elements. Make sure that your press releases contain visuals that support your news. Additionally, you can include links in the sidebar to other visuals. For example, if you’re announcing the release of a new book then you might include a link to the book’s trailer in your social media press release sidebar. Make each of these visuals sharable via social media as well. For example, you can add a “pin” button to images so readers can share on Pinterest.

Include Customer Quotes, Testimonials, and Case Studies

Your customers will be more likely to share your press release on social media if they’re involved in the release. Additionally, case studies carry a lot of social weight, meaning that when you share a story online people respond. They interact more with comments and they share more often. A press release is a perfect opportunity to tell stories and to share experiences with your audience. Keep in mind that journalists use social media to look for story ideas and your customer’s experiences can make for a great personal interest piece.

Don’t Forget LinkedIn

LinkedIn is social media for professionals. Ask your executives to publish the press release on their social media page and to share with their groups and audience. It’s one more way to help spread the word about your business and get more results from your press release.

Make sure you’re using a distribution service that supports social media press releases. The formatting and options will provide you with the most value. Social media and press releases are a natural fit and a great way to boost your results.


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