How to Create a Strong Press Release Writing Style

A strong press release writing style may take a little time to develop. However, it’s well worth the effort. A strong style and voice helps build interest from the media, it connects with your audience, and it helps brand your business.


  1. Read A Lot of Press Releases.

I realize this sounds time-consuming and perhaps a bit tedious, but one of the best ways to create your own press release writing style is to study the writing styles of others. You’ll learn what you like, what you don’t like, what works for you and your audience, and what supports your goals. Consider setting a goal of reading three press releases a day. Take notes on what you like and don’t like, and integrate those notes into your own press release writing.

  1. Write Press Releases.

The more press releases you write, the more your own sense of voice and style will come through. Now it’s true that a press release has a basic form and function, and so it may seem there’s not a lot of room for style and voice within that function – but that’s not true. Your headline, your introductory paragraph, the way you present your facts, and even the quotes that you use all give your press release a sense of style.

  1. Collect Quotes.

As you talk to customers, as you talk to your prospects, and as you talk to the people that work within your organization, pay attention to what they say about you and your products or services. When you hear something that might be useful as a quote – whether in your content, as a testimonial, or in your press release – write it down. Write down what they said, who said it, and if you have permission to use it. Keep your quotes together online or in a file.

  1. Collect Data.

You will find that there are certain types of data and ways of presenting data that your audience responds to. For example, maybe your audience really likes comparison data. You might start collecting that type of data to use in your press release writing. Data includes research in your industry, research that your company has done, and results that your audience and/or customers have experienced by using your products or services. This type of information is almost always relevant to your press releases and it helps bring the information home for your readers; it makes it relevant to them.

  1. Use the Same Language

You have keywords that you use in your marketing content. You have words that you repeat in your tagline, your marketing messages, and your content. Be consistent with your language. When you’re writing press releases use the same voice and language that you use in your other marketing content. This not only helps strengthen your brand, it also gives your press release content a unique sound and feel.

Finally, it’s important to mention that you can create a strong style in your press release by using multimedia. Press releases that contain video and visual images perform better with reporters and media representatives, as well as with your audience. Each image or video that you include in your press release should have the same look and feel as your other visual media. Again, this helps create a style for your press release and help spread your business.

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Anthony Santiago is Director of Marketing at Newswire. With over a decade of experience in PR, he helps ensure that clients understand the value of brand messaging and reach.

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