How Competitors Can Help Your PR

How well do you know your competition? How much do their actions influence your marketing efforts and strategy? What about your PR? –These are questions you should be asking yourself when thinking of better ways to improve your PR. Knowing what other people are doing can place you ahead of the game. You might be surprised but your competitors can help you improve your PR.


Let’s take a look at how:

Competitive Benchmarking

Competitive benchmarking enables you to make sense of how your brand is performing against competitors. It gives you a great perspective on what’s going on in your industry. This can also help you uncover untapped opportunities!

Being able to differentiate yourself from your competitors through competitive benchmarking is one of the main benefits. It gives you another way on how you can approach your press & PR marketing efforts.

You can set better PR goals with competitive benchmarking as well. You can compare your share of voice, reach, and coverage numbers to your competitors.

Effective PR Results

Your competition is undoubtedly also working on their own Press and Public Relations marketing. By keeping an eye on their news and efforts you can see what is working for them, and what isn’t, and identify opportunities.

Identify Key Media Representatives

By following your competition’s PR efforts you can also see which journalists are covering them and your industry. It’s good research for your own media relations strategy, as well as your press release pitch and distribution efforts.

Industry Information and Your Personalized Pitches

When pitching a story to a media representative, it helps to have your finger on the pulse of the industry –that includes your competition. If you can present your information to a way that appeals their audience, you are in. The media wants to be able to give their audience the best content, hence why presenting your story in a beneficial way can increase your coverage.

Building Relationships

One of the components of an effective PR and Press campaign is the relationships that you build with your media representatives. Having knowledge of what your competition is doing, allows you to stay ahead.

Additionally, it’s not always a bad thing to support your competitors and repost any press they gain in the industry. By sharing a link to a story about your competition, you’re supporting the journalist and building that relationship. You’re also potentially boosting your own credibility and authority with your audience. Your competition is a constant source of information. You learn what they’re doing.  You learn what people think about you as it compares to your competition. It is a way to leverage their activities and information to identify opportunities. This will help you build relationships and improve your own PR marketing efforts.

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Anthony Santiago is Director of Marketing at Newswire. With over a decade of experience in PR, he helps ensure that clients understand the value of brand messaging and reach.

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