Distributing Your Press Release? 5 People You Might Be Forgetting

When you write and distribute a press release you likely have a list of people to send it to. You want the media and newswires to get it, so you use a press release distribution service to reach a wide audience. Bloggers, social media, and publishers also have access to your release with a distribution service.

You may send your release to your email list, publish it on your blog, and share it with your personal media contacts. If that’s the end of your list, you may be forgetting a few people. Consider sending your press release to the following groups of people.


Do you have a team of contractors? Does the information in the press release impact them? When you have a team of contractors you’re the manager and the leader. A team that shares your vision for your business and is motivated by company success may benefit from receiving your press release. Send it to them in a personal email and they may feel more connected to the company and appreciated by you.


Employees are naturally invested in company success. Make sure they receive a copy of your press release. Both employees and contractors also have the ability to share the press release on social media. Make sure there’s an option to share, comment on the release, and interact.

Past Business Partners

If you have a positive relationship with previous business partners, consider letting them know what you’re up to by sharing your press release with them. You might reach out via social media or connect via email. Send a personal message with the release checking in to see how they’re doing. Who knows, maybe there’s a future opportunity for you to work together again and perhaps your past business partners and associates may be interested in helping you out by sharing or reposting your release.


If you have an affiliate team, make sure they not only receive your press release but that they also are invited to republish it and share it on social media. This is particularly important if you have links in your release that lead to a sales page or an opt in. You can have affiliates add their affiliate code to the links so they earn commissions based on any click throughs or sales.

Networking Group

If you belong to a networking group, consider anyone that may be interested in your information. There may be a few associates that would benefit from receiving your press release. Of course, make sure to send it to them with a personal message.

Using a press release distribution service covers the majority of the people you likely want to reach with your press release. Take a look at your goals for your release and consider other potential recipients. Who might benefit from receiving your press release?

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