Create Media Relationships for a Successful Press Release

When you create media relationships you lay the foundation for a successful press release. Everything worth doing comes back the relationships that you cultivate. Making the most of earned medial; including radio, print, and television; will be easier when you have an established relationship with those that are in charge of the content distribution.

Connecting with Media Professionals

Attend open media events – Some organizations hold events that are designed for connecting and engaging other industries. Check your community calendar for Chamber of Commerce dinners or social events. Watch for state media dinners or gatherings that are open to the general public. The key is to find events that are more social, so that you will be in a position to mingle in a casual setting with the media professionals.

Visit the media site – The people that you spend time with are the ones where you will grow up relationships. Read the articles written by the media professionals on a regular basis. Be invested in the content as a reader so that you can better communicate with those that are formulating the content.

Follow the media professionals and engage online – Active engagement helps to grow up relationships. Follow the media professionals on their social media profiles and on their publication website. Interact with the content that the media professional shares, but always keep your interactions relevant to the content. 

Share story ideas that are not personally related – In relationships it has to be about more than just “I.” Make a point to pass on relevant story ideas to the media professionals you have met that are not related to you or your product. You will establish a trust with those media outlets that will help you get an edge when the time does come for you to share your own press release stories.

Relationships are vital to whatever you want to do – All relationships will require an investment. You will have to find the time to make the connection, invest the time to grow up the connection, and continue to nurture that connection with even more time.

A strong relationship will help you have an edge when it comes to spreading the word of your event, your announcement, or your story. Your media relationships can either be the direction for the sharing or they can provide you with an open door to the right person. 

There are many different ways that you can connect with media professionals. Some events may be purely social, while others may be designed for growing up business connections. You will also find that online engagement provides opportunities for developing connections and growing them up into the foundational relationships.

The more you are willing to invest into the connections, the more benefits you will often see from that growth. It must be about something more than “I” for it to grow up right. When you stretch beyond what you will get out of it, you will discover a number of ways to connect that will help you create media relationships for a successful press release. 

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Anthony Santiago is Director of Marketing at Newswire. With over a decade of experience in PR, he helps ensure that clients understand the value of brand messaging and reach.

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