Building Credibility For A Business With Successful Press Releases

Press releases can be a powerful tool in your marketing plan. Most small business owners think of paid media when developing a marketing plan. They look at traditional advertisements through print, radio, and television to gain exposure. Some may consider online advertisements within that marketing plan.

These small businesses may hope for earned media, but few create a plan to harness the power of earned media. Press releases are the gateway into earned media. A well-developed press release will catch the attention of a journalist or editor at a media outlet. That journalist will share the story with his or her readers. Sometimes other media outlets will share that story as well. The focus and attention from that earned media would never be matched with paid advertisements.

The Power of Earned Media from Press Releases

Press releases will provide the opportunity for you and your company to be seen in multiple media outlets. On the internet, it is called “going viral”. Everyone is telling and sharing the story. Even if the story is only shared within local markets, it is others telling your story. Word of mouth is a very powerful tool for growing your business success.

Connect with journalists and media professionals through the press releases. The journalist that is captivated by your press release may contact you with additional questions. Make the experience a positive one, and that journalist may contact you in the future. You might also consider sending a thank you note to the journalist in appreciation for the story. The effort that you put into nurturing relationships with media professionals can return in unexpected earned media.

Expand the coverage to new venues. A story that catches on will spread from print to video to the web – or any combination thereof. The more people that are talking about the story, the more people will want to talk about the story (sometimes just to say they can’t believe that people are talking about the story). Each time your story expands into a new market, you and your business encounter new potential clients and customers.

Earned media provides you with authority in your industry, even if just among the media and the viewers. People see that you and your company are represented in the media and they begin to view your ideas in that reflection of authority. The stronger this view of authority, the more credibility you and your business will have, as well.

A strong marketing plan will seek out ways to build your authority and credibility in the community. Paid media may get your name or brand in front of potential customers, but it will not hold the same leverage that comes from earned media.

Earned media is closely related to “word of mouth” advertising. A story that a journalist picks up from your press release is better than you sharing an ad about the same event, product, or service. Discover the power of earned media for building credibility with your business through successful press releases.

Anthony Santiago is Director of Marketing at Newswire. With over a decade of experience in PR, he helps ensure that clients understand the value of brand messaging and reach.

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