Benefits of Building a Brand Newsroom

You already have a strong content marketing strategy. It’s working. You’re achieving your goals, you’re building your brand, and you’re making sales. So why would you even consider adding one more tactic to your marketing plan? Why would you create a brand newsroom? The truth is that there are many significant benefits.


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Relationship Building

A brand newsroom gives your organization the opportunity to connect with your audience on a different level. Content is generally about driving traffic and generating leads. A brand newsroom helps you take that initial conversation to the next level.

The content that you publish and share in your newsroom tells your story, shares your message, and invites prospects and visitors to become part of your community. In addition to driving traffic and generating leads, your brand newsroom helps you establish the all important relationship with your prospects and customers. The content in your brand newsroom is authentic and transparent.

Control Over Your Content and Message

Often, when you publish content online, you lose a bit of control over your message. When you use a brand newsroom to create and disburse your content, you have tremendous control over the information and your message. Here’s the key to making this work… you have to have all team members on the same page.

When it comes to creating a consistent brand message, a consistent flow of content, and fresh quality content, everyone on the content creation team has to be in sync with one another. That means that goals and objectives need to be outlined and communicated to everyone. The company brand, voice, message, and mission all need to be clearly communicated and understood.

This can be a challenge because content creators may have different goals and opinions about what the voice and message should be. However, when it works, your brand newsroom can be a powerful component of your marketing strategy.

Easy Navigation

Content can be spread all over the Internet. You have your social media pages. You may have a blog. You have white papers, case studies, reports and books, audio and video files. You may have infographics and a whole host of other content. A brand newsroom helps you organize all of it.

This not only helps your organization internally – making it much easier to streamline goals and objectives and reducing some workload – it also makes life a bit easier for your customers and visitors. A brand newsroom can become the hub for your content. You can then better control the path that your visitors follow when they navigate your website and the message that they receive.

A brand newsroom isn’t a new tool. It’s been growing in popularity for a handful of years. However, many organizations are changing how they use their brand newsroom and how it benefits their business.

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Anthony Santiago is Director of Marketing at Newswire. With over a decade of experience in PR, he helps ensure that clients understand the value of brand messaging and reach.

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