The Baby Boomer Prime Time

A warmer and more relaxed, yet active, lifestyle in Belize is a perfect fit for the qualities of the Baby Boomer generation, overall leading to a better quality of life.

As the Baby Boomer generation continues to garner attention for their economic strength and influence on lifestyle trends, their participation is also demonstrating an impact in international living in Belize. For the conspicuous millions of Americans born between the post-WWII years from 1945 to the early 1960’s, the opportunity to join like-minded compatriots in retiring successfully in a tropical paradise is gaining popularity. A warmer and more relaxed--yet active --lifestyle in Belize is a perfect fit for the qualities of the Baby Boomer generation, from real estate investment strategy, to lighter environmental footprint, to embracing a healthy lifestyle.  Whether retiring or participating in a new business community, Baby Boomers are choosing the Caribbean culture of Belize as a successful change of scene and pace.

Tropical Trends

Sun, sand, and subdued energy influence a laid-back rhythm of daily life across the lightly populated country of Belize, with less than half a million people from island cayes  to jungle borders. While settling into a comfortable home in Belize or navigating the moderate immigration regulations, daily stresses and urban habits melt away in the Caribbean sun. On the most popular island in Belize, Ambergris Caye, the usual form of transportation is a golf cart or bicycle. Leaving behind automotive responsibilities such as insurance and monthly payments further promotes a Baby Boomer’s quest to make less equal more.  

Investment Potential

The evolution of beachfront property in Belize from fishing villages and towns to tourist resorts and privately owned villas or condominiums is continuing to rebound. There are many options to develop any style of home or business investment for Baby Boomers looking to buy in Belize. The value of sand, surf, and sunny smiles never depreciates.  Raw land offers opportunity to design a plan that fits any goal, from daily snorkeling to on-line communication with a home office elsewhere, or charming wooden homes and colorful concrete condos run the gamut of active or ambling immersion in the resurgence of real estate investment around the globe.

Health Equals Wealth

Fresh fish and fowl, fruits of every color and shape imaginable, and an abundance of spas, exercise programs, and medical professionals offer immediate and accessible improvements for body and soul throughout Belize. Most locally grown food is organic and sold within days of harvest, from seafood to squash. The bounty of delicious foods to prepare with Caribbean spices is as endless as the Belize Barrier Reef.  White sand beaches for jogging or calm azure waters for SCUBA trips keep muscles engaged. Competent medical professionals with up to date technology can monitor and maintain health at a fraction of the northern costs.

Baby Boomers are satisfied with the bounty of offerings Belize offers, but any age can be the right age to find out if life in Belize fits the new millennium for you.

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