Own a 25-Acre Island Haven One Mile Away From Ambergris Caye

Rosewood Caye is one of the few island properties with the best oceanfront views, location advantages and beautiful surroundings in Belize; development options include a medium-sized eco-hotel or residential development of up to 100 private villas

This is another great opportunity, brought by Coldwell Banker, Ambergris Caye, to become the proud owner of this peaceful and serene 25-acre Island. It is one of the best few places in Belize that is devoid of noise and pollution – a hidden gem in the heart of the Belizean Cayes.

The island which is named Rosewood Caye sits at an incredible location one mile from Ambergris Caye and four miles from Leanardo DiCaprio’s island – Blackadore Caye. It is part of the island group of Bracilette Caye and is separated from the main south Bracilette Caye by a 50-foot navigable deep water canal.

The canal provides great deep water access to the property and serves as an alternative route. You can also enjoy an easy ride to San Pedro Town on the calm turquoise water from the island.

Some remarkable features of the island also include its 1.5 miles of oceanfront with unobstructed views of the surrounding islands, including Leonardo’s Blackadore Caye which he purchased in 2005, the many pristine white sand beaches and a solid limestone base.

Rosewood Caye also boasts of several location advantages, some of which include its proximity to Belize’s No. 1 tourist destination – San Pedro Town, located only eight miles away. It is six miles from the most exclusive hotel in Belize – Cayo Espanto. The Belize Barrier Reef can also be easily accessed via the Blue Reef resort located two miles away towards the eastern side of Ambergris Caye.

Every inch of this beautiful 25-acre island has a wonderful story to tell. There are many secluded and tranquil beaches scattered across the island. The air here is clean and unadulterated, fresh from the ocean. The island is also filled with many luxurious palm trees, including a host of other tropical plants that reflect a natural ambiance that you’ll find most astonishing.

Coral stone bedrock can also be found very close to the island surface (1-10 feet) thus allowing for a smooth, pile-free construction. You can be assured of a safe and comfortable rainy season as the island is protected from the storms by Ambergris Caye, located immediately to the east. 

The potential for any development on Rosewood Caye is absolutely phenomenal for developers and investors alike. Its safe protected harbor on the north side of the property is excellent for constructing a marina. It is also capable of accommodating a medium-sized eco-hotel or residential development of up to 100 private villas.

Some notable personalities are already pitching their tents on the surrounding islands. For example, James Prince, the owner and CEO of the Texas-based recording company Rap-a-Lot Records, recently purchased a two-acre island just one mile away from the island. He is currently building a magnificent villa on the property.

Several other notable figures, including Harrison Ford, Bill Gates and Tiger Woods have also visited the area. They stayed at the Cayo Espanto Hotel and toured the nearby pristine beaches, enjoying the beautiful scenery and even setting up a beach picnic.

Right at this moment, Leonardo Di Caprio, in partnership with Delos Group, is building an Exclusive Eco Resort on Blackadore Caye, with villa prices upwards of $10,000,000 U.S.


There is no doubt that with all these developments on the surrounding Cayes, Rosewood Caye would be the next big target for enterprising investors. Most of the surrounding islands are being sold within the range of US$120,000 to US$700,000 per acre. Luckily, this property is currently being sold well below the market price. It is a very rare opportunity you do not want to miss!

Below is the breakdown of the islands within a 10-mile radius of the property that are currently on sale or have been sold: Torquise Caye (five acres) - US$950,000, Swab Caye (five acres) - US$3,500,000, Savannah Caye (25 acres) US$3,300,000 and the most recently sold Cayo Rosario (10 acres) - US$400,000 per acre.

The property has been inspected and approved for construction, with all documentation completed by one of the most prominent building companies in Ambergris Caye. Sewer and water specialists have also inspected the property and have given their approval for development to commence.

Sellers are motivated and are willing to finance buyer with reasonable down payment and terms. Hurry now and make your offer because the listing price is looking to skyrocket as soon as the development on Blackadore Caye is well underway.

Source: Coldwell Banker, Ambergris Caye


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