RC21X Provides Lifetime Brain Performance Monitoring to Former NFL Players

Partners with law firm Goldberg, Persky & White to provide 500 former NFL players access to lifetime testing of their neurocognitive and neuromotor functions

​​​More than 500 former professional football players will be able to monitor their brain performance for life with RC21X under an agreement between the company and Pittsburgh-based law firm Goldberg, Persky & White, P.C. RC21X is a web-based, brain monitoring tool that allows users to track their neurocognitive and neuromotor performance in about 12 minutes.

“There is an unfortunate reality that these former players have sustained impairment in their thinking abilities, emotional control and functional capacity as a result of sustained head trauma,” says Dr. Paul Nussbaum, board certified psychologist and expert in brain health. “RC21X provides me with critical and extensive data that I can use in my standard neuropsychological examination,” adds Nussbaum, who also serves as Executive Vice President and Chief Clinical Officer for RC21X.

RC21X has already been used to track the brain performance of more than 60 former players, helping GPW to identify those who may require medical testing to determine whether they qualify for a monetary award under the concussion settlement with the National Football League. With each RC21X session, the former players engage in 15-video-game-like activities that scan the brain and capture more than 3,000 data points related to brain function.

Jason Luckasevic, a partner with GPW and the most quoted legal expert in the field of sports concussion, says that “this program is capable of sorting through hours of examinations and tests to help you assess where an individual’s brain function stands.”  As the lawyer who started the NFL concussion litigation, Jason Luckasevic has seen quite a few gimmicks that attempt to sneak into this field of medicine.  However, he believes that no device has come close to offering the benefits of RC21X at such an affordable cost for the public. 

RC21X CEO Clarence Carlos, who played college football at West Virginia University, says he’s excited the partnership with GPW will be instrumental in providing the former NFL athletes data on their brain health that can be shared with physicians. “We’re proud that RC21X can help screen players and serve as a tool to identify those who may be eligible for assistance.”

RC21X is based on more than 50 years of scientific research in the fields of human performance measurement, neurology, psychology, kinesiology, bio-engineering and General Systems Performance Theory. RC21X features objective measures and data-based records that create a “unique” Brain Performance Profile report for every game session. It allows users to continually compare real-time results to what is normal for them—and only them. All that is needed is a PC, a mouse and an internet connection.

 About RC21X

RC21X is an advanced web-based tool that enables you to measure and monitor your brain performance—all in about 12 minutes. Named in honor of baseball legend and humanitarian Roberto Clemente, RC21X, the Thermometer for the Brain, features an engaging, simple, game-like platform that empowers people to proactively manage their brain health. 

About Goldberg, Persky & White, P.C.

For more than 30 years, the attorneys at Goldberg, Persky & White, P.C. have defended the rights of working men and women. Whether from long-term chemical or asbestos exposure, occupational injuries or off-the-job accidents, they’ve helped thousands of people recover damages after personal injury. As one of the largest firms in Western Pennsylvania dedicated to helping individuals, they’re working lawyers for working people.


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