Prestige NY on the Diverse Benefits of Interactive Market-ing

The leaders at Prestige NY are convinced that their interactive approach to promotions is the best way to reach customers. The firm's president discussed the wide-ranging advantages offered by their experiential methods.

​Jessica I., Prestige NY’s president, stands behind her firm’s interactive approach to building brand awareness and increasing bottom-line results. She stated, “There’s really no match for the personal rapport that interactive promotions allow us to create. Our associates forge meaningful connections with customers and boost customer loyalty in the process.”

According to Jessica, there are some obvious benefits of interactive marketing methods, such as the ability to respond to customers’ questions and concerns in real time. “Another great thing about experiential marketing is the direct feedback you get from interacting with customers in close quarters,” added the president. “This type of immediate evaluation allows us to constantly monitor and adjust our strategy. We make sure that our initiatives maintain the flexibility to adjust on the fly so that we can take full advantage of what the public is telling us.”

Another advantage of interactive promotions is the real-time, quantifiable results it can generate. Jessica noted, “We get a much more accurate estimate of our conversion rate through dynamic marketing than we could ever achieve with traditional indirect methods. This helps us strategically plan future campaigns and make confident projections to potential business partners. Basically, our interactive approach gives us a much clearer picture of what we’re doing right and the areas in which we need to improve.”

"Another great thing about experiential marketing is the direct feedback you get from interacting with customers in close quarters,"



Prestige NYs President Discusses Her Unique Interactive Promotions Approach

Prestige NY’s president and her leadership team ensure that their dynamic campaigns are as effective as possible by focusing on the markets where there are the highest volume of interested customers. “Through careful analysis and in-depth research, we focus on the right populations to not only create huge exposure, but also generate a rapid word-of-mouth buzz. We meet them where they are with enthusiasm and warmth.”

Robust knowledge of the companies and services being promoted is also a key element in the firm’s promotional approach. “We emphasize education at the beginning of each new initiative,” added Jessica. “Our team members are always well-equipped to make customers feel enlightened.” She explained that through regular coaching sessions, her executives are given the most competitive tools they need to stay out in front.

“In the end, we provide them with a memorable experience while at the same time we anticipate customers’ needs. We then make a lasting, positive impression that leads to ongoing brand loyalty.”

About Prestige NY

Prestige NY is a privately-owned, goal-oriented firm with more than five years of experience in the industry. The company offers customized marketing initiatives that boost consumer engagement, brand awareness, and market share growth. Its history of success in the advertising sector has enabled the firm to expand geographically, strengthening its ability to help clients to connect with their audiences in wider regions and across the nation through dynamic channels of promotion. Its reach has also facilitated new and important partnerships with other businesses that further ensure the success of the brands it represents. A commitment to its core values has set Prestige apart from its competitors, allowing the firm to continue to assist clients with long-term growth.​

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