Prestige NY's Unified Culture Supports Individual Success

The culture at Prestige NY encourages collaboration and unity through team nights and travel opportunities. Jessica, the firm's President, discussed the importance of office atmosphere to the success of both individuals and the firm.

​Throughout the year, Jessica makes sure Team Prestige NY has plenty of chances to spend time together away from the office. Fun team nights often include Dave & Buster’s, tournaments, bowling, or even just dining out as a group. These outings are crucial to the firm’s success because they help associates build strong bonds with one another outside of their workplace roles and responsibilities. The trust and camaraderie that result from team nights make collaboration and communication easier and more effective.

Along with these team-building events, travel opportunities also serve as ways for Prestige NY team members to connect on a personal level. The time spent traveling back and forth to destinations like Dallas, Cancun, and the occasional international locale provides chances for true friendships to bloom, and the memories that come from exploring the world together serve as a solid foundation for such relationships. With these strategies for creating a unified workplace, Jessica is certain that her organization will continue to succeed.
Prestige NY’s Team-Oriented Culture Encourages Achievement

Joining Prestige NY is about seeing and seizing opportunity. The firm’s training system is designed to be personalized by each team member, so that they can learn and advance at their own pace. When a person is on-boarded, they’re supported by positive thinkers, big dreamers, and the company’s esteemed executive team, all of whom have a shared vision to exceed expectations. The office atmosphere is fun, close-knit, and creative. Jessica and her people know that they do their best work when they work together, building impact for the businesses in the firm’s portfolio as well as their own company. By celebrating and overcoming challenges as a group, they secure all-around success.

Prestige NY’s reputation as a collaborative, high-achieving firm has gained the attention of Fortune 500s from across the country. It’s no surprise that the firm is experiencing serious growth. They’re at the top of their game, stated Jessica, and one of the benefits of this is that top talent is attracted to her team. Those who have a vision for their own success and are ready to take ownership of their own futures will thrive with them. 

The company provides an immersive learning experience that helps each associate realize his or her personal definition of success. Instead of mundane training materials, executives participate in every aspect of the operation from their first days with the firm. From giving presentations to training others and driving promotional strategies, every team member learns how to do it all.

Jessica confirms that she started in an entry-level position and moved forward through continual learning and determination. Anyone with a positive attitude and an entrepreneurial spirit can take advantage of Prestige NY’s upward mobility track. 

About Prestige NY:

Prestige NY is a top in-person marketing provider. The firm's campaigns drive customer conversion success for small and large businesses alike. This direct approach is far more effective than any online methods. The team applies strategy and innovation to quickly connect people and companies. Their energy and expertise, along with high-impact retail partners, help the region's home improvement contractors, technology service providers, and more land new customers. What's more, Team Prestige NY embraces corporate training to acquire the know-how they need to connect people with the best solutions available. The firm also gives back by supporting the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. To learn more about their one-on-one outreach, visit

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