Team Prestige NY Heads to Cancun for Annual R&R

Prestige NY's President shared details on the firm's upcoming R&R trip to Cancun, Mexico. She also discussed how travel opportunities help team members become successful entrepreneurs.

​​Jessica, the President of Prestige NY, reported that there’s a lot of excitement building for the firm’s upcoming rest-and-relaxation trip to the sunny beaches of Cancun. The ability to travel is one of the best perks of joining the team, she added. This trip is especially rewarding because it provides so many networking opportunities. The best of the best in the marketing world will be in attendance, so Jessica is confident that team members will return to the home office with a variety of valuable new contacts and innovative techniques to try.

The Cancun retreat is a reward for hard work, but also an ideal form of continuing education. Jessica explained that the advice offered by influential top producers is tough to match with any other training options. Getting up close and personal with the most accomplished people in the industry is going to be a game-changer for members of Team Prestige NY. This will be especially helpful for the firm’s associates as they launch into the busy holiday season.

Along with the annual retreat to an exotic locale, Jessica explained that team members can earn their way to all kinds of travel incentives throughout the year. Conferences, networking events, meetings with industry leaders, and cross-training trips to other offices are some of the rewarding excursions available to the firm’s associates. The President noted that broadening horizons through travel allows her team to stay ahead of the curve in a rapidly evolving industry.

Prestige NY’s President on How Travel Reinforces Successful Leadership Traits

Jessica stated that traveling builds on some of the key attributes that make entrepreneurs successful. This includes the ability to visualize winning outcomes. The President explained that putting some distance between themselves and their daily routines allows professionals to see things in a different light. Ambitious goals might seem within reach when people have the benefit of a new perspective. When they return from a trip like the Cancun R&R, Jessica stated that Prestige NY associates often have more positive mind-sets than when they left.

Agility is another key trait for any ambitious professional. Traveling sharpens this attribute by posing unexpected schedule changes and all kinds of new experiences. Jessica stated that making the most of everything a new place has to offer is a focal point of every Prestige NY travel event. Getting out of their comfort zones is a major driver of team members’ growth.

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Prestige NY is a top in-person marketing provider. The firm's campaigns drive customer conversion success for small and large businesses alike. This direct approach is far more effective than any online method. The team applies strategy and innovation to quickly connect people and companies. Their energy and expertise, along with high-impact retail partners, help the region's home improvement contractors, technology service providers, and more, land new customers. What's more, Team Prestige NY embraces corporate training to acquire the know-how they need to connect people with the best solutions available. The firm also gives back by supporting the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. To learn more about their one-on-one outreach, visit

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