Momentum Marketing Group Offers Internship Program

New graduates or college students who are interested in gaining practical marketing experience are invited to apply for Momentum Marketing Group's internship program. The firm's managers recently shared the program's features.

​According to Jessica V., Momentum Marketing Group’s director, the company’s leaders are currently seeking motivated graduates and students who are interested in careers in marketing, sales, business, business management, advertising, public relations, and communication. “Our program is organized so interns will have opportunities to gain knowledge in these areas. They’ll focus heavily on promotions and event organization as well,” she explained.

“This is a unique program in that we focus on helping our interns grow in their sales and marketing abilities,” Jessica noted. “A lot of internships are unstructured and interns are left to observe on their own. At Momentum Marketing Group, it’s much different. Our seasoned associates are there to guide interns and help them learn our dynamic marketing methods. We have a solid training program, which includes cross training as well. In addition, we offer paid travel opportunities.”

Jessica added that interns can expect to gain practical skills and campaign experience which they can add to their portfolios. “It’s tough for college students and new grads to gain real experience that they can point to when they enter the job market,” she said. “This program is designed with that need in mind.”

"This is a unique program in that we focus on helping our interns grow in their sales and marketing abilities,"



Momentum Marketing Groups Managers Discuss Benefits of Internships

As she prepares for this internship program, Jessica highlighted some of the benefits that interns should look for when seeking such opportunities. “Obviously, experience is a must,” she said. “Before you enter a program, make sure you have a clear idea of what you’ll be doing and with whom you’ll be working. This is crucial. You don’t want an internship in which the bulk of your time is spent supplementing the administrative staff. Make sure you know how you’ll contribute to the company and what you’ll learn.”

To ensure that interns maximize the benefits of their internships, Jessica suggests that they list their own goals and objectives before searching for programs. “Carefully consider what skills you’d like to enhance, and which ones you’d like to develop,” she suggested. “Once you find an internship, ask your direct supervisor for his or her advice on how you can achieve these objectives. Companies that have really strong programs will also provide their interns with feedback and evaluations to ensure that they’re learning successfully.”

“If you do your homework, you’ll find an internship program that meets your needs and helps you attain knowledge,” Jessica concluded. “This is what makes being an intern worth the effort.”

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