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Momentum Marketing Group's President discussed the perks of working at the firm, and announced a hiring push spurred by business expansion. She also offered interview advice for talented and driven candidates.

“Expansion is right around the corner, and just about everything is in place,” said Jessica, the President of Momentum Marketing Group. “We have new partners, as well as presence in new markets, and all we need is a larger team to pull it all together.”

Jessica explained that to help growing brands extend their reach in new areas, she and her colleagues need passionate, talented individuals to fill entry-level positions. She was also quite open about all the benefits to enjoy as a team member at Momentum Marketing Group.

“When people are hired, they are immediately welcomed into a warm and inspiring culture,” stated Jessica. “We all support one another here, and it begins with a personalized coaching system. New hires are paired with experienced sales and marketing managers, who guide team members through an extensive training program.”

According to Jessica, the learning and growth doesn’t end upon completion of the initial training program. Company leadership offers the team access to regional training, national conferences, team-building events, and more. As associates acquire new knowledge and skills, they advance to higher levels within the firm. The company’s President advised that interested parties apply online.

Momentum Marketing Group President Offers Interview Advice

“My colleagues and I will be carefully vetting applicants,” Jessica continued. “Of course, the best of the bunch will be invited to interview here at Momentum Marketing Group. There are several qualities we hope to see in these candidates.”

The organization’s President pointed out that all interviewees should arrive at their meetings with some knowledge of the firm and the positions for which they applied. She explained that people who don’t seem to realize what they might be getting into fail to show interest or investment in the sales and marketing field. Jessica emphasized that she only wants to onboard people who have passion for the industry.

“I’d also like to hear interviewees explain why they want to join our team, as well as what they have to bring to the table,” Jessica concluded. “They should highlight their selling points, complete with examples of how they will be applicable to the company. Most importantly, I want to hear about demonstrations of empathy and other soft skills. Individuals who have these qualities to offer have great chances of being invited on board.”

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Momentum Marketing Group is Cincinnati’s marketing leader with years of experience providing dynamic promotions to their valued clients. They offer exclusive campaigns that generate increased brand awareness, consumer engagement and market share growth. Their history of success has allowed them to expand into new regions, strengthening the connections between businesses and customers through generous rewards packages and sponsored vouchers. Their highly-skilled team of brand ambassadors has the talent and training to design captivating consumer experiences that create lasting brand loyalty. With offices nationwide, they reach important demographics and form partnerships with new businesses large and small. To learn more about how they have established themselves as industry leaders, visit

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