Momentum Marketing Group Reviews 2016 Growth Goals

The President of Momentum Marketing Group highlighted the company's 2016 goals. Objectives include business expansion and a hiring initiative to accommodate the growth.

“My colleagues and I at Momentum Marketing Group are excited to make this year our best yet – not only for our firm but for those we serve,” said Jessica, the company’s President. “We completed last year on a high note, and we certainly don’t want to lose momentum. Our goals are more ambitious and ever, and I’m confident that we will rise even further above the competition in the future.”

Among other expectations, the team at Momentum Marketing Group intends to push into new markets in the coming months. Jessica explained that her fellow leaders have targeted a few prosperous regions that promise market growth and beneficial partnerships. This movement will lead to added businesses in the firm’s portfolio, and allow the brands greater reach.

"I also plan to introduce more learning and growth opportunities to my team in 2016,"

Jessica , President

“I also plan to introduce more learning and growth opportunities to my team in 2016,” Jessica stated. “Just as no business should stand still, no professional career should stagnate. All our high achievers aspire to remain ahead of the curve by staying on top of the latest best practices and consumer trends. There will be no shortage of skill-building possibilities here.”

Momentum Marketing Group President Discusses Hiring Intentions

Jessica and the rest of the team at Momentum Marketing Group are fully aware that upcoming expansion means even more demand for the firm’s dynamic outreach services, so they are onboarding new talent to accommodate the business growth. “We already have a great group of driven innovators,” she continued. “I’m looking for talented individuals who share our passion and guiding values.”

According to Jessica, eligible candidates are not required to have extensive sales and marketing skills. Company leaders coach all new hires on a one-to-one basis, making sure everyone acquires the needed confidence and knowledge to thrive with the rest of the team. She pointed out that all team members are given ample opportunities to advance through the ranks as they build their skill sets. The culture of learning and growth is conducive to ongoing career success.

“I invite team-oriented, success-hungry people to apply through our website,” Jessica concluded. “My colleagues and I look forward to collaborating with more bright minds who will elevate our firm to unprecedented excellence. This is an incredibly exciting time for Momentum Marketing Group. I have no doubt that 2016 will bring new victories for our company as well as those we represent.”

About Momentum Marketing Group

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