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Momentum Marketing Group’s Director of Operations detailed a leadership conference she attended with a team member. She also offered her thoughts on how industry events benefit a company.

 “Traveling to various industry functions is a great incentive for members of Team Momentum Marketing Group,” stated Jessica, the firm’s Director of Operations. “We attend events throughout the year, and our most recent excursion was a leadership conference. Cara and I attended and I spoke to a large crowd of industry leaders and top performers from across the country.”

The firm’s associates get to learn valuable marketing insights and discuss best practices with peers when they hit the road for conferences and seminars. Jessica commented, “Being around so many accomplished people is a great way to gain a fresh perspective on Momentum Marketing Group projects. Our team members are ready to try new approaches and apply emerging technology every time we return to the office after a trip like this.”

The networking potential offered by events such as the leadership conference is also significant. “I always try to help our associates make the most of the chance to connect with influential people from our industry,” Jessica added. “It’s important not to stretch too thin at a busy event, so I encourage our team members to focus on a small handful of strong connections. That’s a better approach than trying to hit it off with every single person they encounter.”

Momentum Marketing Group’s Director on the Business Benefits of Industry Events

Spreading through leadership is one of the primary benefits for an organization attending a crowded industry function. The Director remarked, “The fact that I was given the opportunity to speak to the conference attendees made the trip even more worthwhile. I got to share valuable content with our colleagues from all corners of the industry. The opportunity to do so bolsters Momentum Marketing Group’s reputation as an innovative leader.”

Traveling to business conferences and other occasions also builds morale among team members. Jessica explained, “Our associates compete for the right to attend everything from educational seminars to exotic retreats. They become even more engaged in their work as a result. At the same time, they avoid burning out on familiar routines. When their competitive fires are fully engaged, they’re more excited about coming to the office and getting things done.” As they pursue travel incentives, people also get more adept at tracking their progress on key projects. “Having something to work toward over the long haul is always motivating,” the Director concluded.

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Momentum Marketing Group is Cincinnati’s marketing leader with years of experience providing dynamic promotions to their valued clients. They offer exclusive campaigns that generate increased brand awareness, consumer engagement and market share growth. Their history of success has allowed them to expand into new regions, strengthening the connections between businesses and customers through generous rewards packages and sponsored vouchers. Their highly-skilled team of brand ambassadors has the talent and training to design captivating consumer experiences that create lasting brand loyalty. With offices nationwide, they reach important demographics and form partnerships with new businesses large and small. To learn more about how they have established themselves as industry leaders, visit

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