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The president at Momentum Marketing Group discussed the firm's current hiring initiative and the rewarding career path the company provides. She also outlined the traits she looks for in a new hire.

​Company leaders at Momentum Marketing Group have ambitious plans for the future, including expansion into fresh major markets. They know that these goals won’t be reached without adding to their dynamic team. “We’re currently targeting bright candidates to bolster our team of promotional specialists,” stated Jessica V., the firm’s president. “It’s a healthy job market for talented people in our industry, so we know we need to be proactive in attracting qualified individuals.”

One way Jessica and the rest of the firm’s leaders attract top candidates is by focusing on rewarding, long-term careers. As the president explained, “Everything we do from the first day of training is geared toward preparing passionate people for fulfilling careers. We’re not looking for people who simply want good jobs; we’re interested in those who show the drive to improve on a constant basis and develop right along with our business.”

Momentum Marketing Groups President Details Her Priorities When Hiring

"If I can tell that a person is curious about his or her role and exactly how it can contribute to our firm's success, I feel at ease,"



When evaluating potential additions to the Momentum Marketing Group team, Jessica looks for some basic attributes. As she put it, “There is so much that goes into finding the right person to join your team, but if you can pinpoint a few simple qualities through the interview process, you’ll feel a lot better about any hiring choice.”

The first thing Jessica wants to see in a candidate is intelligence, and she gauges this by the quality of questions he or she asks. “If I can tell that a person is curious about his or her role and exactly how it can contribute to our firm’s success, I feel at ease,” she added. “When a candidate doesn’t ask any questions about the position and its responsibilities, I get a little bit worried.”

Jessica also seeks individuals who are likable, and this is a trait that typically comes across fairly quickly during an interview. As she commented, “It’s always nice when a candidate is warm and genuine right from the beginning of an interview. That’s a big clue for me that he or she will fit in and collaborate smoothly with our team. This is obviously a subjective thing, but I think I have a good feel for which applicants will thrive in our team environment. In my experience, people with vibrant personalities tend to work very well with others, and I always keep that in mind when evaluating potential hires.”

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Momentum Marketing Group is Cincinnati’s marketing leader with years of experience providing dynamic promotions to their valued clients. They offer exclusive campaigns that generate increased brand awareness, consumer engagement and market share growth. Their history of success has allowed them to expand into new regions, strengthening the connections between businesses and customers through generous rewards packages and sponsored vouchers. Their highly-skilled team of brand ambassadors has the talent and training to design captivating consumer experiences that create lasting brand loyalty. With offices nationwide, they reach important demographics and form partnerships with new businesses large and small. To learn more about how they have established themselves as industry leaders, visit

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