Doug Shear Initiates Crowdfunding Project to Free "The Interview"

Doug Shear started an IndieGoGo crowdfunding project to purchase the movie "The Interview" from Sony Entertainment and distribute it through millions of social media sites and websites throughout the world.

A new crowdfunding project is underway to purchase the movie "The Interview" and blast it all over the world for free. The project was started prior to Sony's announcment that it planned on releasing the movie in a digital format, and will continue until the movie is actually released.

Sony pulled the plug on The Interview and canceled the release of the Seth Rogen-James Franco comedy, which was set to open Christmas Day, due to a message posted by hackers that threatened to attack theaters that screened the film about an assassination attempt by bumbling journalists against North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

Doug Shear's "Free The Interview" project is an attempt to take the problem out of the hands of any individual corporation or movie theater and put it in the hands of the American people.

"If you try to censor a movie, we as Americans will make sure that movie gets distributed to every corner of the planet," he stated. "We will make sure that millions of people will have free access to that movie and there is nothing anyone can do to stop us."

The IndieGoGo project hopes to raise $5,000,000 to purchase and distribute the movie. This removes any liability from Sony or the movie theatre owners. And since the movie will be distributed through a multitude of channels, the hackers will be unable to target any particular organization or business.

This is a non-profit venture, with the intent of distributing the movie free of charge. There is no profit in this project for Doug Shear. "I know there may be some serious complications involved," he said. "But we will have to work them out as they arise.  I know this is a long shot, but it is possible. This will only work if we are able to attract some people in the industry who know how these things work, have contacts, and are willing to step up. This is just a first step."

Doug anticipates that a variety of perks will become available for donors if people involved in the film join this project. Signed posters, lunch with the actors - all are possibilities. Initially, there is only one participation level, which is only one dollar.

"If the goal is not reached, or the project crashes or some people get scared and shut us down, then all funds will be returned." he stated. "I'll be a little surprised if IndieGoGo even lets me launch this campaign, or YouTube doesn't take down my video. But seriously, we are Americans, we don't let ourselves be intimidated, we don't let ourselves be blackmailed and we don't give in to terrorists!"

If the project works, it will forever shut down anybody's attempt to ever censor the American movie industry again. However, opposition to this project is expected from the many sources, possibly including the North Koreans, Sony, the US Government, the Film Producers, Actors & other.

Doug believes it will take a lot more people to make it happen, even if the funding is achieved. He plans to keep everyone informed every single step of the way and is open to ideas, feedback, contacts or help of any sort.

When he is not pursuing his anti-censorship crusade, Doug Shear writes and performs spoken word pieces. He is the author of two books: Rhubarb Culture, a futuristic novel set in Miami, and American Karma - Twilight of the Marijuana Gods, a memoir about hitchhiking across America in the 1970s.

His play, Saint Peter at the Gate, was performed in Toronto, Canada and Boca Raton, Florida.

His website is


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