Advantage Concepts Looking Forward to Bahamas Trip, Expansion to Virgina Beach

Managers and high performers at Advantage Concepts are excited to participate in a weekend of rest and relaxation in the Bahamas. Mike L., the company's president, identified the benefits of vacationing.

“Everyone here at Advantage Concepts works hard, and we make sure to reward ourselves with substantial downtime as well,” Mike said. “Those of us who will be attending the event in the Bahamas are ecstatic. I know we’ll have a great time, and I’m confident even more team members will qualify to attend similar functions in the future.”

Mike explained that the trip is ultimately designed to be a vacation, but there are several other perks involved as well. For instance, top achievers from all over the nation will be in attendance. Advantage Concepts’ associates will have plenty of opportunities to network and learn best practices in other regions. There is also a prestigious award ceremony planned, at which leading sales and marketing experts will be recognized for their accomplishments.

"Unfortunately, not all business leaders consider travel to be a wise investment,"


Company President

“My colleagues and I are determined to nurture a culture of success,” Mike stated. “Business travel is just one of the many ways we position our people to grow. Getting away together allows them to bond on personal levels, making them better collaborators professionally. It’s a great use of resources.”

President of Advantage Concepts Reviews the Benefits of Vacationing

“Unfortunately, not all business leaders consider travel to be a wise investment,” Mike continued. “They don’t encourage it, and in turn more than 30 percent of working Americans don’t even use their allotted vacation time. This is a huge problem, because taking breaks helps people be more productive, and avoiding time off only leads to burnout and poor performance.”

According to Mike, getting away from the daily routine allows the body and mind to revitalize themselves. As a result, people feel healthier and more positive. Individuals who take vacations generally feel more energetic, focused, and creative – all essential qualities in industries where innovation and problem solving are necessary.

“Finally, enjoying some occasional rest and relaxation keeps people engaged,” Mike concluded. “When you’re overworked and overwhelmed, you aren’t likely to feel connected to your vocation. You may be going through the motions, but you aren’t contributing any real value. This is exactly what we try to avoid at Advantage Concepts. That’s why I so strongly encourage time off, and it definitely makes an impact. Our firm is doing better than ever, and I have an engaged and productive group of experts to thank for it!”

Advantage Concepts Looks into The Benefits of Expansion

 Mike., the company’s president, is looking forward to the new market in Virginia Beach. Isaac, one of Advantage Concepts’ top managers, will be headlining the expansion. He is looking forward to the new challenges he will meet when he is in the new market.

“Expanding into a new market comes with adventure and challenges. In order to be successful, I must learn what my clients’ ideal consumer is going to be and learn how to market their campaigns to reach the desired consumer,” said Isaac.

Advantage Concepts is looking at expanding into more markets by the end of 2016. “Virginia Beach is just one of many new markets we would like to take our clients into,” said Mike, the company’s president.

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