Zoomifier Has Completed the Acquisition of CustomShow Presentation Software

Zoomifier Corporation has completed the acquisition of the presentation software assets of CustomShow Inc.  

CustomShow presentation software pioneered cloud-based, rich media presentations with practically no limit to the size and quantity of high-definition videos and animations, high-resolution images, 3D graphics, 360-panoramic virtual tours and VR content that can be embedded in presentations. CustomShow is indispensable in sales situations that require visual show-and-tell as is the case in the media and entertainment, real estate, hospitality, medical devices, financial and manufacturing industries.

CustomShow includes simulcasting capabilities that deliver the same rich media experience to both in-person and remote audiences of the presentation. The built-in slide library management and content-locking capability enable rapid personalization of presentations while maintaining complete control over branding and messaging while ensuring regulatory compliance.

Zoomifier, a pioneer in customer journey mapping, has tightly integrated CustomShow into its customer engagement platform to deliver the world's most comprehensive end-to-end sales enablement and sales engagement solution. 

"Audiences are quickly distracted from text- and bullet-point-heavy presentations," said Chetan Saiya, CEO, Zoomifier Corporation. "In today’s world, where audiences are constantly distracted by mobile devices - sales teams need media-rich solutions that can capture and retain their audience’s attention if they want to effectively deliver their message."

"Our customers are very excited to further improve their sales performance with Zoomifier's sales enablement and sales engagement capabilities," said Paul Shapiro, CEO of CustomShow Inc. and now head of customer success at Zoomifier. "New customers have already started using the integrated solution. Existing CustomShow customers will be able to migrate to the integrated solution beginning today."

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Zoomifier Corporation, headquartered in both San Francisco and New York, is the world leader in rich media presentation and sales enablement solutions.

For more information, please contact mediainquiry@zoomifier.com or visit http://zoomifier.com.

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About Zoomifier Corporation

Zoomifier is the world leader in rich media presentation and sales enablement solutions. Zoomifier's cloud based solutions help businesses wow their audience, enable their sales teams and engage their customers to close more deals, faster.

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