Zoomifier Announces Mixed Media Ad Sales Platform at NAB Show 2019

Ad Sales Improve with Better Sales Enablement

Early adopters cannot stop raving about how Zoomifier SalesHub helps them wow their audiences, enable their sales teams, continuously engage and nurture their prospects and create buyer insights that help them close more deals faster.

"Now more than ever, capturing the attention of marketers has never been easier...and harder. Easier in that there are an array of tools, products and platforms available for sales teams to leverage. Harder in figuring out which one is the most effective and efficient for the particular communication a salesperson wants to convey to a particular marketer," said Kevin McGaw, Vice President Ad Sales Marketing Strategy at A+E Networks. "It's a challenge for our sales teams to sell across all our mixed media assets and communicate to marketers the unique consumer experience that we deliver. Zoomifier SalesHub, with its rich media presentation, sales enablement and sales engagement software is a preferred partner and one of the platforms we rely on when engaging with our clients."

Zoomifier SalesHub includes CustomShow, the industry's first rich media presentation software that delivers realistic consumer experience in high definition videos, animations and 3D graphics. The built-in slide and media library enables ad sales teams to quickly drag-and-drop relevant assets and audience demographics to deliver highly customized pitches for each ad sales opportunity. SalesHub includes intelligent bots to continuously engage and nurture clients beyond the initial pitch and allows advertisers to self-discover advertising opportunities through a personalized journey. Ad sales teams get in-depth buyer insights in real time through visual analytics and automatically delivered reports.

"Upfronts and scatter ad decks are essential, but insufficient, to effectively sell ads in today's environment," said Paul Shapiro, Head of Customer Success at Zoomifier. "Selling ads across dozens of broadcast and cable channels, digital properties and partnerships across several platforms and devices requires rapid personalization of sales pitches for each sales opportunity. Also, increasingly, clients are reluctant to meet in person and demand remote, online meetings. SalesHub includes unique simulcasting technology that delivers the same rich media experience to both in-person and remote audiences."

Zoomifier SalesHub for mixed media ad sales will be demonstrated at booth N2135 at NAB Show 2019. The product, along with the facility to automatically migrate Microsoft PowerPoint presentations into rich media ad pitches, will be commercially available on May 1, 2019.

About Zoomifier

Zoomifier Corporation, headquartered in both San Francisco and New York, is the world leader in rich media presentation and sales enablement solutions.

For more information, please contact mediainquiry@zoomifier.com or visit http://zoomifier.com.

Source: Zoomifier Corporation

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About Zoomifier Corporation

Zoomifier is the world leader in rich media presentation and sales enablement solutions. Zoomifier's cloud based solutions help businesses wow their audience, enable their sales teams and engage their customers to close more deals, faster.

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