Zero Gravity Introduces the Work Fit Challenge App

App Controlled Standing Desk That Will Change Your Life

Work Fit Challenge App

​​​As the understanding of the health risks associated with sitting down all day at a desk increases, Zero Gravity Tables presents a solution in our new Work Fit Challenge app. You already know the benefits of standing desks to transform your workday into more productive and healthy hours. Now, you have the opportunity to fully integrate your activity with a phone app that tracks your progress toward the best possible you.

How the Work Fit Challenge App Benefits You

Connect the user-friendly app to your Bluetooth device for continuous tracking of your activity throughout the day and total control of the automated standing desks and risers. This powerful piece of software lets you adjust your desk with one tap to three different height levels. It also tracks your steps, walking distance, time spent on your feet and moving, and how many calories you burn.

Do you have trouble remembering to get your fitness in? The Work Fit Challenge app includes reminders, custom schedule capabilities, and stores your user data so you are ready to go at the start of every day.

More time spent behind the computer or sitting at a desk has seriously affected people's physical and emotional health these days. With this multi-function app, you can realize more health benefits with increased convenience throughout the workday.

Combine Digital Tracking With Zero Gravity Fitness

Standing desks provide a huge array of health benefits, but you can introduce more activity into your life even at the office. Sync our new app with a Zero Gravity standing treadmill or Zero Gravity cycle seat and boost your fitness in a totally comfortable and achievable way.

Transform your home office or workstation into an exercise room. Introduce the idea of improved activity and health to your job site, too. With the combination of a cycle or treadmill, automatically adjustable standing desk or desk riser, and the new Work Fit Challenge app, you have the perfect solution to combat sedentary lifestyle forced upon you by the traditional workplace.

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About - ​Zero Gravity Tables is a leader in innovative sit-to-stand office solutions and integrated exercise equipment. Combine your fitness and work activities whenever possible. With our new Work Fit Challenge App you can seamlessly keep track of your calories burnt, the distance you covered and time you're exercising. Control the height of your works station for optimal positioning while sitting, standing or working out. Zero Gravity allows you to multi-task to meet your work and fitness goals. Find yourself a lot more productive after embracing an active office lifestyle. 

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