Do You Have a Sitty Life? Versa Vic Has the Answer!

The VersaDesk Power Pro, the Original Push Button Adjustable Height Sit-to-Stand Desk Riser.

Do You Have A S*itty Life?

The dangers of sitting while working at the office eight hours a day, every day for years on end can have dire consequences such as strained neck, bad posture and chronic back pain. It can also increase the risk of type 2 diabetes, obesity, mushy tushy, brittle bones and varicose veins.

“Combine all these factors they could even lead to the lower life expectancy.” proclaims Versa Vic.

"The solution to your "S*itty" life is the VersaDesk Power Pro, a sit-to-stand desk top riser..."

Versa Vic, VersaDesk Spokesperson

The solution to your “S*itty” life is the VersaDesk Power Pro, a sit-to-stand desk top riser that plops right onto your current desk and with the touch of a button rises like rent in San Francisco.

Whether you're Napoleon Bonaparte or Abraham Lincoln, it's suitable for any height. Our desks are sturdy, reliable and beautiful, and are designed and assembled right here in the good old USA.

We have a fantastic warranty, which is three years on the electronics and a lifetime warranty on the frame.

By using the VersaDesk Power Pro Sit-to-stand desktop riser in your day-to-day work life, you could have an improved lifestyle and a happier and healthier work environment. So join us and let's take a stand for your health, literally with VersaDesk and put an end to this sit show.

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