Woopra Partners With ActiveCampaign to Arm Marketing and Sales Teams With Deeper Customer Insights and Personalization

Woopra and ActiveCampaign Integration

Woopra, a leading Customer Journey Analytics platform, announced today a partnership with marketing automation platform, ActiveCampaign, empowering marketing and sales teams with behavioral data to fuel personalized customer interactions.

As part of the AppConnect ecosystem, teams can now unify and analyze ActiveCampaign engagement data alongside other essential customer touch-points in Woopra to measure, understand and optimize the end-to-end customer journey.

The automations that come with the Woopra and ActiveCampaign integration bring a whole new dimension to the campaign and Deals CRM data.

Elie Khoury, CEO and co-founder of Woopra

With a few clicks, organizations are able to incorporate real-time customer behavior into marketing workflows to measure attribution across every touch-point while boosting conversions and increasing engagement across teams.

“Companies today rely on their marketing and sales teams to drive key objectives such as retention, active user and revenue growth,” said Elle Morgan, Head of Partnerships at Woopra. “To deliver on this, teams need to look beyond traditional top-of-the-funnel metrics and toward a more holistic understanding of the customer experience. Giving our customers the ability to measure ActiveCampaign data alongside their web, product and customer success data in Woopra does just that,” she said.

With the Woopra and ActiveCampaign integration, marketing and sales teams can visualize behavioral trends and quickly make data-driven decisions on key factors such as campaign performance and attribution, meanwhile identifying new opportunities that may have gone unnoticed.

To make this data actionable, Woopra has included a suite of automations that accompany the integration, allowing teams to engage their customers with the right message, at the right time.

“The automations that come with the Woopra and ActiveCampaign integration bring a whole new dimension to the campaign and Deals CRM data,” said Woopra CEO and co-founder Elie Khoury. “The integration arms marketers and sales teams with the tools they need to automatically generate dynamic contact lists and enrich their sales pipeline using real-time customer behavior so that they can strengthen customer relationships using personalized, intelligence-driven content.”

Key features and benefits of the Woopra and ActiveCampaign integration:

  • Automate contact lists and automation workflows: Users can automatically add or remove contacts from their contact lists and automation workflows based on the custom events or visitor properties that impact their campaigns.
  • Automatically qualify deals: Users can identify a combination of customer behaviors and properties to define a trigger action that qualifies those customers as a deal in their ActiveCampaign pipeline.
  • Dynamic tagging: This automation allows users to organize ActiveCampaign tags based on what actions customers take in real-time to avoid the tags from becoming redundant.
  • Dynamic annotations: This automation lets users add important notes to a group of contacts or customer segment automatically so they can refer to important information before your next campaign.
  • Two-way contact sync: The integration comes with inbound and outbound contact sync so users can select the visitor properties they want to map to contact fields in ActiveCampaign.

Woopra users can view the Woopra integration in the AppConnect to further explore the pre-built automations and start engaging with their users in a whole new way.

About Woopra

Woopra is the industry’s leading fully-integrated Customer Analytics platform that helps organizations to visualize, analyze and optimize every touchpoint in the customer journey, empowering data-driven teams to grow and innovate substantially faster. Supporting collaboration across every department, Woopra’s approach to data is rooted in understanding the people behind the numbers. With more than 200,000 users and 1,000 innovative customers across the world, Woopra provides the first unified analytics solution that is used by SaaS, eCommerce and On-Demand services for understanding, engaging and connecting with customers through data. For more information please visit

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About ActiveCampaign

ActiveCampaign a marketing automation and CRM solution that helps growing businesses find the perfect blend of automation and human touch. Since its founding in 2003, it’s been ActiveCampaign’s principle belief that all businesses need and deserve effective solutions to connect with customers. While ActiveCampaign provides a level of sophistication suited for enterprise-level businesses, the accessibility of the platform makes it an ideal choice for SMBs.

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Woopra is a leading fully-integrated Customer Journey Analytics platform helping thousands of organizations to visualize, analyze and optimize every touchpoint in the customer experience, empowering data-driven teams to grow and innovate faster.

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