Women Leadership Awards, 2020-Mansi Rana, MD @ EZ Rankings Recognized as Digital Marketing Leader of the Year

Mansi Rana, MD @ EZ Rankings Recognized as Digital Marketing Leader of the Year.

​​UsinessMedia Group along with Lifestyle India on March 8, 2020, has announced the winners of the highly prestigious Women Leadership Awards. There were 56 winners at 5 unique levels that were honored and celebrated at various levels because they are leaders, innovators, and achievers in their industries. The awards were held at Hotel Vivanta by Taj in New Delhi on International Women's Day and it was organized by Praxis Media, which is the media group in India.

Those who received these awards are women who have epitomized foresight, knowledge, ingenuity, and strength along with harnessing excellence, innovation, entrepreneurship, and the spirit that comes along with professionalism.

Poonam Dhillon, who is a Veteran film actress was the chief guest along with Prathibha Prahlad, a cultural icon from India, who was the guest of honor and a special guest Tara McCartney, who is an impact and social enterprise entrepreneur.

One of the top winners was Mansi Rana (Managing Director of EZ Ranking IT Services Pvt. Ltd.), who was given the award for the Digital Marketing Leader of the Year along with 55 other women.

Mansi has more than 15 years of experience in the industry of digital marketing with a wide variety of specialties like drafting strategies, executing these strategies, and much more. She has worked with numerous companies in different industries all over the world, including health, tourism, banking, eCommerce, education, and more. She focuses on educating and growing the businesses of clients, companies, and customers and she has been working on increasing the relationship her company has with her clients.

EZ Rankings - SEO Reseller Company, is proud of its managing director and extremely proud that she has been given this award. This is an award that has been hard-earned and that means something due to the fact that it means she is making a difference in the world of digital marketing. This is an award that will be proudly hung on the walls of all winners no matter what industry they are from.

Mansi is also running her own blogging site (www.mansirana.com) wherein she has described herself as Digital Marketer / Mother / Indomitable Spirit / Inquisitive / Wanderer / Philosopher / Story Teller / Believer of Food over Diet / Loves clicking pictures of Sunsets & Sunrise / Firm Believer of Karma / Red Wine Lover / Appreciates Dry Humor / Humanity over Politics & Supporter of "Whatever Happens, Happens for Good."

We are also celebrating 10 Years of success, EZ Rankings happens to be one of the pioneering, creative, and most importantly client-friendly digital service providers in the market. We offer services like SEO Reseller, SMO, PPC, ORM, Web Design & Development, and more. Our prime objective is to place our clients' websites high on the growth curve through our customized SEO Packages and ensure the best conversion for our clients.​

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