EZ Rankings Evolved as 360 Digital Marketing Solutions After Rising Demand

EZ Rankings - 360 Digital Marketing Solution

For 12+ years, EZ Rankings has been offering digital solutions. According to the company, they've witnessed and experienced a variety of web algorithmic shifts. Their clients, whether direct or SEO reseller ones, are now demanding entire digital solutions from them, according to the latest trend.

Clients are now wanting entire digital marketing solutions rather than individual package offerings. Initially, the company's clients opted for mainly SEO services and other services were eventually added on. However, as SMEs started to recognize the value of comprehensive digital solutions, the demand for digital marketing packages skyrocketed. 

The need for digital marketing packages from clients was clear, given the shifting market landscape and the shift in focus from one web aspect to a holistic digital presence. EZ Rankings understood this trend and made the necessary adjustments.

The company is currently focusing on offering holistic digital solutions, as digital marketing includes multiple components and each service brings something unique to the table. EZ Rankings' mission statement for this year is to provide entire digital solutions to clients, in response to rising client demand for digital marketing packages.

With their SEO services, EZ Rankings provides organic traffic and search rankings for a business. Under their SEO services, the organization offers content, link building, technical SEO, local SEO, and other required SEO services for clients, being an SEO company in India

EZ Rankings creates leads and manages corporate branding through social media marketing. Be it running paid campaigns, or facilitating clients to market their posts organically, EZ Rankings provides both these services and more under their SMO services. 

EZ Rankings aims to improve a company's market standing and reputation by providing ORM services. Be it acing the reviews on Google Business Profile, or handling the overall market reputation on the web, EZ Rankings provides solutions for the complete ORM route. 

Because digital marketing is so intertwined, each service offers something different to the client. "We're seeing that clients are now conscious that they'll need entire digital solutions to get any favorable results," said Mansi Rana, Managing Director of EZ Rankings. "They realize that SEO alone won't mean anything without other digital marketing services since a potential customer would not convert. They're well aware that they'll need the whole package from the start."

EZ Rankings guarantees to give a dedicated project manager for all of the packages that clients choose, in addition to delivering complete digital marketing solutions. Hence, there will be a single point of contact for all services, and the project manager will not change as services change. 

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Source: EZ Rankings