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​​​​​As per the U.S.’ 2018 Small Business Profile, small businesses in the country added about 1.9 million new jobs in the year 2017. About 30.2 million small businesses that are actively working in the U.S. today employ about 47.5% of the workforce in the private sector. Taking into account that the U.S. economy at the moment is poised as a Goldilocks economy that is growing at a steady rate, with the expected unemployment rate at 3.6% and the GDP growth at 2.1% for 2019, the small business sector is undoubtedly an indispensable resource to the U.S. economy. Taking all the facts into consideration, EZ Rankings aims at empowering the small business sector to create their Independent Digital Presence & help their business grow multi-folds. 

While this is good for the overall economy, small business owners are feeling the heat when it comes to balancing rising costs with optimal use of marketing tools and resources. Online presence is no more a choice with most of them, for this is a medium that is vital for their existence and sustenance. Hiring the right man for the job that involves specialized skills and experience is burning a hole in their limited pocket though. While the business owner himself maybe a jack of all trades – doing as best as he can – managing an SEO campaign that maybe his priority but not expertise can make things overwhelming for him. The option of outsourcing work to a specialized digital firm for SEO is probably the most sensible and financially viable idea for the small business owner at the moment.

However, the fact is that while small businesses understand and are convinced of the significance of SEO to their business, most of them are caught between trusting an outside agency and hiring an internal employee at exorbitant salaries. Pratyush Mishra - AGM of EZ Rankings, a reputed Digital Marketing company had this to say, ”Small businesses are excited at the way SEO strategies are helping them gain traction and business in a competitive market. But they also realize that getting an expert recruited on a full-time basis on payroll can be an expensive proposition and eat into their profit margins, compared to partnering with marketing agencies that offer exclusive and specialized SEO services”.

Mansi Rana, the Managing Director of EZ Rankings adds that "Handling SEO for a website needs skills, experience, and smartness to pre-empt search engine updates and changes. At the rate the digital medium is growing, where each business entity is vying for a substantial part of the pie and staying ahead of the competition, strategizing is easier said than done. The talent pool in the SEO niche for small businesses is quite limited, which means that either the owner hires people and lets them get trained on-the-job or uses the services of reliable third-party agencies with proven track records in the SEO field."

EZ Rankings is a digital marketing agency with proficiency in Search Engine Optimization techniques and campaigns. The company concentrates and works mainly with small businesses so that the online stores and websites of their clients can attract targeted customers and engage the incoming traffic meaningfully to enhance conversions through Google and other search engine crawlers at cost-effective rates.

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EZ Rankings is a small business SEO company whose goal is to keep their client's business ahead of the competition by offering simple, customized, yet effective, solutions.

Mansi Rana

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