Winston Grey Recaps the Success of 2015

This has been an exciting year for the Winston Grey team. The managers report that the interactive marketing experts added many brands to their portfolio over the year, in addition promoted team members to leadership.

“This has been a great year thus far,” said Greyson, Winston Grey’s director of operations. “We were very excited for all the new brands we added this year. We expect that we’ll be expanding even further in 2016.”

Greyson noted that Winston Grey’s reputation as a leading interactive marketing firm has helped them attract new business. “Our team excels at crafting exceptional campaigns that really connect with brands’ consumer bases,” she shared. “It’s all about that personal touch. We engage consumers in a memorable product experience that they can’t wait to share with their friends. Everyone on our team has been excited that our hard work has paid off.”

"We were very excited for all the new brands we added this year. We expect that we'll be expanding even further in 2016."

Greyson, Director of Operations

This growth pertained not only to the represented brands, but also to the Winston Greyson team as well. “During 2015, we promoted several team members from training to campaign management,” Greyson added. “They were at helm for our promotions, ensuring that each one was optimized to deliver the outstanding results brand leaders have come to expect from our team.”

In addition to new campaign managers, one of the more seasoned Winston Grey associates was also promoted to an executive manager. “This is the benefit of having a progressive advancement program,” she explained. “We retain our best talent and help them further their careers as well.”

Winston Grey Managers Describe the Benefits of Goal Setting                                                            

According to Greyson, much of Winston Grey’s success is attributed to the team’s commitment to goal setting. “When you have measurable goals, everyone is more motivated and productive,” she explained.

Greyson also noted that measurable goals mean that they can visibly see when their campaigns are effective. “We have real-time reporting which allows us to adjust campaigns and ensure that we’re capitalizing on market trends,” she cited. “For brands, this means that there’s no waiting until the end to see whether the promotion was a success.”

“We set both team-based and individual goals as well,” Greyson explained. “This way, associates can see how they are performing personally and have something to strive for. However, by making everyone responsible for team-based goals, we ensure that collaborative efforts are in place.”

“There’s no doubt our approach is the reason we were able to get new brands, as well as the brightest minds in the industry,” Greyson concluded. “We welcome anyone who is interested in learning more about our firm to contact us. We’ll be happy to discuss what we can do for you.”

About Winston Grey 

Winston Grey, Inc. is an event-based promotions firm focused on enhancing market share and brand loyalty through memorable interactive campaigns. The firm’s highly-skilled brand ambassadors create distinctive outreach initiatives that engage targeted consumers and expand public awareness of the products they represent. A dedication to their core values of flexibility and constant improvement ensures the satisfaction of all business leaders who entrust the firm with their promotional goals. With a well-established reputation for reaching new markets and boosting profitability for both Fortune 500 companies and smaller local operations, Winston Grey, Inc. is poised for continued growth and further expansion.