Wings Travel Management Targets Growth in Asia Pacific With Singapore Acquisition and Appointment of VP

Wings Travel Management expands in Singapore

​​​​Wings Travel Management ( a specialist global travel management company providing business travel and support services to clients in the corporate, oil, gas and marine industries, is expanding its presence in the Asia Pacific region. The company has entered into a Sale and Purchase Agreement for the acquisition of a 70% stake in Olympia Travels & Tours (S) Pte Ltd in Singapore for an undisclosed sum.  Whilst the acquisition is expected to be completed by 01 January 2018, Wings is now well positioned to serve its existing customers in Asia from Singapore, with immediate effect. The move gives Wings the platform not only to grow its business in AsiaPac, but also the operational capabilities to fully service clients across the region via a hub and spoke model.

Incorporated in Singapore in 1982, Olympia Travels is a medium-sized corporate travel company providing personal tailored travel services to national and international clients primarily in the energy, marine and corporate sectors. The company employs 30 highly experienced professionals who pride themselves on delivering comprehensive travel management solutions to clients, many of which have a global footprint.

This acquisition strengthens Wings' footprint in Asia Pacific significantly and gives us the operational platform to provide complete travel and support services to clients across the whole region

Tony Sofianos, CEO, Wings Travel Management

The acquisition also coincides with the appointment of Nicole Liang to the newly created position of VP Asia Pacific, Wings Travel Management, based in Singapore. She brings 27 years’ corporate travel experience in the Asia Pacific market to Wings, with specific strengths in the energy and marine sectors.  For the last four years she has held the post of Director of Operations SEA at FCM Travel Solutions where she founded the TMC’s marine and energy brand. Her career has also included operational roles at Corporate Travel Singapore, CWT Singapore and Instone International.

Established in 1992, Wings Travel Management’s global reach already spans North America, South America, UK/Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. Headquartered in London, Wings has 16 wholly owned and managed regional operations in key locations worldwide including Aberdeen, Cape Town, Dammam, Dubai, Houston, Johannesburg, Lagos, Luanda, London, Maputo, Stavanger, and Rio de Janeiro. Wings Travel Management employs over 400 people around the world and has a global turnover of around US$325M.

Wings’ employees are recognised for their unique expertise in navigating complex and challenging business travel and mobility solutions for clients in the energy, marine, and corporate sectors, where travel is a critical part of their business model. As a specialist travel provider, Wings delivers tailored travel management services and advanced, customizable technology solutions, all seamlessly accessible over a standardized global platform.

Tony Sofianos, CEO, Wings Travel Management commented: "We have been looking to expand our operations to encompass the Asia Pacific region and this acquisition strengthens our footprint in this region significantly. It also gives us the operational platform to provide complete travel and support services to clients across the whole region through a hub and spoke model. We are also delighted to welcome Nicole Liang on board as our new VP Asia Pacific. Her extensive expertise in this market will be invaluable in leading our operations here and driving further growth.

“As Wings continues to expand globally, our focus remains on wholly owned and controlled operations versus partner agencies or joint ventures so that we can ensure consistency of service, quality and data integrity,” added Sofianos. “These are all factors which are critical to our energy-related and service-critical clients.  It’s about keeping our brand promise of providing a consistent Wings customer experience to these companies wherever they are located in the world.”

Nicole Liang, VP Asia Pacific, Wings Travel Management added: “I respect Wings Travel Management's unwavering determination to maintain wholly owned operations and continuous innovation to deliver creative solutions for each customer. Asia Pacific is an exciting market with massive opportunities, and we are engaged in executing our growth strategy in the region.  Wings is strategically and uniquely positioned to capitalise on the growth opportunities in specialized sectors; bringing our strong value proposition and wholly owned global operations to our customers. I am passionately committed to placing our customers at the absolute centre of everything we do. I am excited to be on board, working closely with the Olympia Team and part of a global company that will take us to the next level.”

Source: Wings Travel Management

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Wings Travel Management is a specialist global company providing travel and support services to clients in the corporate, oil, gas and marine sectors where travel is a critical part of their business model.

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