Windsor, McGraw Tree service has won the 2020 Three Best Rated® award for one of the Top Tree Services

McGraw Tree service has yet again been recognized as one of the top three tree services in Windsor by Three Best Rated®. This is the third time they have won this award, and the founder Riley McGraw is proud to receive such recognition.

Three Best Rated® is an international ranking website that lists the top three professionals, businesses, restaurants, etc. Each business goes through a strict 50-point inspection where the review experts check the business's history, review, complaints, etc. before it gets listed on the website.

"Being listed on the Three Best Rated® is really incredible. I feel so blessed to be included on this list," Riley said. Even though Riley has always been fascinated by all kinds of tree services, that wasn't his first job. He initially worked as an ironworker and welder all over Canada for a few years.

"It was six years ago that I decided to officially start my own business in the Windsor area, offering services such as tree pruning and maintenance, hedge and shrub maintenance, tree removal and stump grinding," he explains.

As a business owner, Riley always makes sure that the job is done right, and the customer is satisfied. "I stand by my work, and I am confident in the services we provide. Therefore I encourage and look forward to customer feedback. I am extremely grateful to all my customers for their great business and for supporting and promoting us throughout the years," he further explains.

Riley truly enjoys and feel privileged to provide our services to his outstanding community. He was recently asked to provide services to some of the local municipalities, which is something he is really proud of. And he is grateful to all his customers for supporting and promoting his business throughout the years.

He had recently bought a new spider lift. He says it can easily be added to the list of his accomplishments. "This has opened up many doors and opportunities to completing many more complex jobs. It will also make the work safer and more efficient," he says.

You can read more about their services on their website by clicking here.

Source: Riley McGraw

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