Why Unified Enables Dropshippers to Safely Dropship on Amazon

Why Unified, a global dropshipping leader, announces a new hybrid fulfillment addon that makes dropshipping possible on Amazon.

Why Unified

Why Unified has taken the dropshipping industry by storm in recent years by giving entrepreneurs access to a set of all-inclusive tools covering sales, marketing, fulfillment, and more. To date, Why Unified is the only dropshipping platform that gives its subscribers access to brand-name products at wholesale prices and competitive two-day shipping. 

Recently, the dropshipping giant announced a new addition to its impressive lineup: an Amazon feature that makes it possible for dropshippers to sell their wares on Amazon. While Amazon has traditionally prohibited dropshipping via its marketplace, this new feature was specifically designed to comply with the e-commerce giant's terms.

Amazon's Stance on Dropshipping

While Amazon prohibits traditional dropshipping, it does make allowances for the hybrid fulfillment model that Why Unified uses for its Amazon Addon. Per data available via Amazon Seller Central, anyone who intends to use a dropshipping fulfillment method must follow a few simple rules. 

Why Unified's Amazon Dropshipping Options

Why Unified is the first and only platform of its kind to provide its users access to Amazon dropshipping. Rather than its traditional dropshipping processes, Why Unified uses a hybrid fulfillment model that satisfies Amazon's aforementioned rules, and there are two options from which to choose. 

The Amazon Only option is available at no additional cost to Dropship PLUS subscribers and allows Why Unified users to list their products on Amazon's marketplace. Because Why Unified handles order fulfillment, there is no need to pre-purchase inventory, and subscribers only pay for items as they are sold via Amazon. This plan only provides the user access to the products being listed for sale, so the user is responsible for managing the Amazon account. 

The Prime option is available to Dropship PLUS customers as an addon, and it makes the goods being sold via Amazon's marketplace eligible for Prime shipping. The user must prepurchase inventory from Why Unified, which will send it to Amazon for warehousing and fulfillment, but it comes with a white glove experience in which the Why Unified team manages the entire account. 

Why Amazon Sellers Choose Why Unified

Thanks to Why Unified's groundbreaking addons and plans, it is now possible to dropship via Amazon - something that has never been possible in the past. It opens a new world of possibilities for entrepreneurs, as well. For example, some may choose to use an Amazon store as a second separate revenue stream, but others may opt to sell only on Amazon. Users who choose to forego a separate website and sell only on Amazon are not required to invest into advertising since people search Amazon for their favorite brand names thousands of times every single day. While the Prime badge can be a major selling point for consumers, Why Unified uses two-day shipping for every order - even those without the Prime badge. 

Source: Why Unified