'Why Sound Matters for Your Hotel': A Report on Sound, Music & Hotels From Rightsify

A new report from Rightsify shows how sound affects the behavior and mood of hotel guests.

Rightsify, a global music licensing agency has today released their second in a series of reports on how music is used in businesses.

For the second edition 'Why Sound Matters For Your Hotel', Rightsify explains some of the psychological and physical effects of music and sound and how they affect the mood and behavior of both guests and hotel employees.

The report also provides tips and techniques for hoteliers, GM's, F&B Managers, Marketing Directors, and Operations Managers on how they can benefit and monetize on the sounds used in their hotel.

The key sections of the report are:

- Body and Mind

- Physical

- Psychological

- Valuable Sound

- The Halo Effect

- The Value of Sound

- The Perception of Quality

- Music and Employees

- Putting It All Together

The report is available to download for free.

For more information on the report or any press inquiries, please contact Rightsify.

Source: Rightsify


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