GCX Rolls Out Music Datasets to Enable Large-Scale Music Models

GCX and Rightsify Have Created Datasets to Enable Large-Scale Music Models (LMMs) for Generative AI Music

GCX (Global Copyright Exchange) by Rightsify, the leading ethical, risk-free music dataset provider for machine learning and generative AI models, has created datasets to enable large-scale music models (LMMs) that are emerging as the gold standard in AI music creation. These models will underpin the next era of products and services in making music production and music generation accessible to all. With large-scale music models, every prompt will be answered, and every musical style and instrument can be generated.

To get there, however, models need data, and large-scale music models have extensive data requirements, all of which GCX has worked hard to meet. Large-scale models need meticulous metadata that reflects deep knowledge of music and its structures and patterns. GCX provides more than 32 billion parameters and tracks labeled by trained musicologists. Models need a wide range of instruments and sounds to reflect the global nature of many AI music products. And they need very large datasets to reach their full potential. GCX's dataset totals 4.4 million hours of music, more than five lifetimes of total listening.

"We're excited to offer our data to companies launching innovative new music products and services, and with the AI and machine learning research community," says Alex Bestall, founder of Rightsify and GCX. "With the advent of large-scale music models, we believe our datasets will catalyze a revolution in accessible music creation, ushering in a new era of diverse musical applications and experiences."

GCX's datasets and large-scale music models can power a variety of use cases, including:

DIY Music Production. LMMs can help build new tools and features that help make music creation accessible for all.

Music Generation for Ads. Instead of searching high and low for the perfect production music or commercial track, ad creatives can let AI craft instant custom sonic branding.

Background Music for Videos. LMMs let creators leave bland stock music behind by giving them the power to generate the perfect, genre-blending track, complete with instruments of their choice, to make video content far more compelling. 

Adaptive Music in Gaming. Music that morphs with every gameplay move is now possible, thanks to LMMs.

Music APIs. LMMs promise to make music APIs perform far better, ushering in a new era of hyper-personalization and innovative new music use cases.

"The era of large-scale music models demands an entirely new approach to datasets, especially in terms of copyright clarity and flexibility for refining groundbreaking models and apps," says Bestall. "Legal and high-quality datasets should not be a stumbling block on the road to better generative music models. We're making sure everyone can find a firm foundation for innovative and exciting AI music use cases."

About GCX by Rightsify

The go-to source of music datasets for machine learning, GCX provides meticulously labeled large music datasets to startups, enterprise-level companies, and researchers. With billions of data parameters and several lifetimes' worth of music, Fully cleared and copyright-free, GCX gives customers the first truly risk-free solution to training data.

Source: Rightsify Group LLC