Why Replenishing a Smart Vending Machine Is Much Easier

For most vending machine operators, replenishment is another tedious and costly part of the whole operation process. But since the smart vending machine was invented, replenishment is no longer a problem.

SandStar Smart Kiosk

Leveraging Computer Vision as core technology, the SandStar Smart Kiosks well represent the combination of technological trend and industry demand. It is favored by retailers not only because it applies the most cutting-edge technology but also because it brings tremendous commercial value to them.

In a traditional vending machine situation, the operation staff won't be able to know real-time sales performance, thus they need to drive a medium-size truck with all the items loaded - they have to assume all the items were sold out and head to the vending machine at a certain frequency, like every two weeks. This will cause unnecessary waste of labor, and if some of the items sell out very soon, the vending machine will stay empty for a long time until the next replenishment comes.

The most obvious advantage of SandStar Smart Kiosks is that retailers can monitor the sales performance at a real-time frequency. Whenever they find some of the items are so popular that they sell out in a short time, retailers can get an inventory alert from the system and send their staff to replenish it. They can ride a bike and carry only the necessary items with them.

A Smart Kiosk is an easier and money-saving solution for the retailer. Take SandStar's client - one of the most famous beverage brands in the world - as an example. As the owner of a large number of vending machines, they spend a lot on replenishment every year. Before the smart kiosks were put into use, their staff needed to do the replenishment every two weeks, taking 200 bottles of beverages with them on a truck, and the average cost of a single trip for the replenishment was 80 dollars. When they upgraded the vending machine into a smarter kiosk, the cost was reduced by 40%.

As the president of SandStar North America, Mike Kiser, who has 32 years of industry experience said, "SandStar's cutting-edge AI Computer Vision technology truly transforms retail industry; my motivation and focus are to obtain the resources required to fully exploit this exciting new technology to accelerate speed to market and position SandStar as the leading AI Computer Vision Company in the world."

Source: SandStar

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