Coca-Cola Smart Lounge Launched With the Support of SandStar

The smart lounge is designed to deliver a digital, immersive, and interactive shopping experience with SandStar's computer vision and deep learning technology.

Dashboard powered by SandStar

After empowering a Coca-Cola souvenirs store in Shanghai, SandStar collaborated with Coca-Cola again to launch the Coca-Cola Smart Lounge. The lounge is designed to deliver a digital, immersive, and interactive shopping experience by collecting data from consumers' shopping behaviors throughout their journey in each section of the store.

The Coca-Cola Smart Lounge is a recreational space where shoppers can enjoy beverages, coffee, and interactive entertainments in different sectors in the space. With cutting-edge computer vision technology and a combination of AI and retail, SandStar provides a customized solution for the Coca-Cola Smart Lounge to increase operation efficiency, bring operational management to a new level, and offer an upgraded shopping experience. It is a high technological and shopper-caring solution.

By deploying a matrix of AI cameras within each location, this solution helps to upgrade the space to a smart lounge. This matrix system can accurately identify each shopper's feature, such as complete shopping behaviors, shopping routes, time spent in the lounge, space distribution of areas visited, and interactions. All features start to be analyzed from the moment a shopper enters the lounge, through the entire shopping journey to the moment this shopper leaves the store, and the real-time analytical results are dynamically displayed on a tracking dashboard. The cameras collect information on people's movements and merchandise only, and no privacy (e.g. the facial features of a person) is involved.

As shown in the photo, the tracking dashboard displays in real-time the hourly, daily or recent number of shoppers, their average length of stay, in-store traffic distribution, etc. Such information enables store operators to better understand the "shopper" and to generate data tags based on insights based on shopping behaviors and purchasing preferences of shoppers. As such, massive retail data can be converted into rich, actionable advice.

The number of orders and the rank of best-selling items displayed on the tracking dashboard enables store operators to better understand "merchandise". By analyzing data on merchandise display, combination, and promotion, store operators can keep optimizing and iterating their sales strategy to discover more growth opportunities. As such, operators can make actionable decisions faster for smart merchandising, smart display, and smart supply/sales prediction.  

In fact, the Coca-Cola Smart Lounge project is not the first time for SandStar to collaborate with Coca-Cola. Back in 2019, the launch of a Coca-Cola souvenirs store in Shanghai became a classic case of the two parties working together to reshape retail with technology. SandStar uses the AI technology to help Coca-Cola increase sales, empower operations, and reinforce its leadership position in digital and smart retail. This collaboration enables both parties to further push their edges and to create value together for the industry.     

Innovation has been at the core of SandStar's effort to keep growing. SandStar will continue to join hands with Coca-Cola as well as other leading brands and retailers to build benchmark cases for the industry, to empower the retail industry with digital and smart operations, to open up new horizons for smart retail. SandStar is striving to become the most trusted provider of smart retail networks in the world.

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