What is FET? TRU Development Discusses FET and the Advantages of Buying Truck Tires That Include FET Tax


TRU Development explains FET and discusses why it's better to buy truck tires that include FET tax.

What is FET?

FET is an acronym that simply stands for federal excise tax. In particular regard to truck tires, the FET is imposed on tires strictly manufactured for and used on the public roadways. The FET is levied typically against medium and heavy-duty truck/trailer tires with a maximum load capacity greater than 3,500 pounds. Details of how the tax is calculated can be found on the U.S. government website.

Any tires that are not used for road travel are exempt from this tax. These exemptions may include but are not limited to farm machinery, forestry vehicles, off-road vehicles, tractors or ATVs (all-terrain vehicles).

Why is FET in the news?

FET is in the news mostly because the U.S. is in the process of renegotiating trade arrangements with China. Part of this process involves reducing and/or raising taxes on certain products.

This affects truck tires to the extent that many companies own manufacturing facilitates in China or have their brands manufactured there. 

If the taxes are increased, ultimately it affects the selling price of the tire, which is then passed on to the driver or transportation company.  

FET taxes are unavoidable and until or unless the tire retailers and manufacturers can change the current tax rate, there is no way to know when the tax may change or how much it may increase.  

FET and Road Warrior Tires

Road Warrior tires become an even better value.  

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About Road Warrior Tires:

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