West Hollywood Welcomes the 'LGBT Sentinel' as Their Official Community Newspaper and Bulletin

The WEHO LGBT community is happy to get back to basics starting with a real community newspaper saying, "The LGBT Sentinel is a torch bearing equality, justice, and attention to our communities and our needs that effect and surround us, giving attention to the issues of gay, lesbian, transgender and bisexual people in all communities here and around the world! Look, we are the community that has the aptitude, intellect and love to send our message to the world starting right here at home!"


The rebirth of the community newspaper, LGBT Sentinel, "promises to be the people's press and support the community that supports it! The LGBT community is one and we are proud to have the honor and responsibility of reporting good news and being involved with the internal fabric of the community and doing things that inspire everyone and be a part of a culture and a movement that is progressive and full of love!" says LGBT Sentinel editor-in-chief Griffin Gram.

Griffin is proud to boast of the immediate activism in the community. "The LGBT Sentinel is proud to support jobs for our community, so we let prospective employers place employment ads for free, optimistically doing our part to be a champion in bringing more jobs directly to the LGBT community and to those who need it most - the people!"

"[The LGBT Sentinel] promises to be the peoples press and support the community that supports it!"

Griffin Gram, Editor-in-Chief, LGBT Sentinel

Griffin is also ecstatic over the LGBT Sentinel sponsoring a contest for the "Best Couple's Kiss" in which winners will share $1,000 with a well deserving charity of their choice within the LGBT community. Upload your photo to Instagram and include hashtag #lgbtsentinel2k16 to show off your best kiss photo. (See editors notes for contest rules and how to enter.)


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Source: LGBT Sentinel