Community Nest Foundation's First Annual Black Tie Red Carpet Gala Honors LGBT Philanthropists

Award recipients

On Sunday, Dec. 9, 2018, The Community Nest Foundation (CNF), hosted the first annual Black Tie, Red Carpet Gala at Echo’s in Pico in Los Angeles. The elegant Gala honoring the LGBT community’s finest philanthropists far surpassed peoples’ highest expectations. 

CNF, a Southern California based non-profit dedicated to uplifting the LGBT community, awarded two prestigious awards to two LGBT philanthropic champions, jump-started Amber’s toy drive, and raised funds for the LGBT Center, Lunch on Me, and CNF.

During the Gala, the foundation awarded Amber Lee Whittington the Humanitarian of the Year award, and Daniel Winn the Philanthropic Artist of the Year award. Amber Lee Whittington, the influencer behind Amber’s Closet utilizes her platform of 670k+ subscribers to provide much-needed visibility for queer women of color, LGBT centered entertainment, and perhaps more importantly, to share valuable information and resources regarding sexual health, and overall well-being. Daniel Winn is a master artist and the Board Chairman of The Academy of Fine Art Foundation. Winn raises funds using fine art donated by artists, galleries, and agents, for a variety of charitable causes, including, but not limited to direct support of orphanages, elder care facilities, and to aid those affected by poverty.

“It was such a beautiful evening,” said Griffin Gram, founder of the CNF. “The awards could not have been presented to more worthy and distinguished recipients, Amber and Daniel have set the bar so high! It’ll be exciting and inspiring to see the valuable work next year’s nominees do to earn such coveted awards.”

The inaugural event was a spectacular success and we would like to extend our gratitude and appreciation to the sponsors and supporters, for aiding in orchestrating a phenomenal night; The LGBT Sentinel, Seven Modern Furniture and Interior Design, Winn Slavin Gallery of Fine Art, Plan Three Media & Publishing, Amin’s Jewelers, Hollywood Smile Dental, Helio Educational Night Light System, ILA Local 1964 AFL-CIO, Serge's Optical, Nerium International, The Abbey, Sean Armani, Pristine Events, and Empress Gin. Special thanks to, Sayrie, Spare Parts for Broken Hearts, our social media blogger SMITH, and everyone else that helped make this all possible.

To nominate next year’s recipient(s), donate and/or become a sponsor, please reach out to us today! Email:, Call: (310) 734-0006.

Source: The Community Nest Foundation

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