Wearever Recognizes Second Use for Bed Pad Products

Incontinence Apparel Company Has Found Bed Pads a Great Fit for Mattress Pads for Children with Bedwetting Habits

Wearever, a health and wellness apparel company based in Durham, North Carolina, has found that its bed pad products are a great fit for mattress pads for children with bedwetting habits. Though intended to help seniors with incontinence issues rest knowing they had a protective layer between themselves and their mattresses, the company has been pleasantly surprised to learn their products are being repurposed.

“We have had several mommy bloggers whose children still occasionally wet the bed write to us and tell us how efficient they are in this capacity,” said Bob Deerin, president and CEO of Wearever. “It’s not the exact ‘target’ audience for our product, but it is an interesting new use of the bed pads by a different demographic.”

Made with absorbent materials and a waterproof liner, Wearever’s incontinence bed pads keep furniture and fabrics dry while protecting against wetness. The brand’s selections of incontinence bed pads are perfect for every night mattress use or on household furniture. The Unique-Dri™ inner core and IBEX Cotton Polyester blend incontinence pads are washable and reusable for long lasting lifetime use.

The company’s incontinence bed pads are cost-effective and absorbent, allowing kids, mommies, seniors and caretakers alike to sleep easy knowing they are protected by one the most trusted name in incontinence supplies. They are available as Economy Bed Pads ($10.99), Quilted Plaid Incontinence Pads ($17.99), and as the Incontinence Mattress Pad Protector with Wings ($19.99).

Additionally, Wearever currently manufactures and distribute women’s incontinence panties, men’s incontinence briefs, and diabetic socks.

About Wearever

The Wearever® brand offers comfortable, quality, affordable and stylish apparel solutions for everyday health and wellness concerns. The men’s and women’s underwear line of washable, reusable urinary incontinence panties and briefs is especially beneficial for active individuals who want to continue their normal lifestyle without worry or emotional stress resulting from urinary incontinence. Additionally, Wearever offers incontinence bedding products as well as Buster Brown® socks. Wearever is produced and distributed by Prime Life Fibers®, a Durham, North Carolina-based apparel company founded in 2002 by Bob Deerin. To learn more, visit www.WeareverIncontinence.com.


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Wearever Incontinence provides high-quality, comfortable and stylish incontinence underwear. The company's emphasis on high-quality incontinence products has established a position of leadership within the industry.

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Liza Titchener
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