Wearever, From the Makers of Prime Life Fibers®, Recently Purchases New Warehouse to Better Fulfill Customer Orders

Leading Incontinence Underwear and Products Supplier Celebrates 15th Company Anniversary and Buys New Corporate Headquarters and Warehouse Space

Prime Life Fibers®, the makers of Wearever Incontinence, recently purchased a new manufacturing building in Durham, NC to enable the company to better fulfill customer orders.

The new building has 5,500 sq.ft. of inventory just for Wearever customers. “This means that we can now fulfill five times as many orders per day compared to the past,” said Bob Deerin, Founder of Prime Life Fibers®. “In addition, we have upgraded our phone systems and purchased higher speed internet to assist with customer service needs.”

Prime Life Fibers® recently celebrated their 15th company anniversary with this purchase of a new corporate headquarters and warehouse space. Founder Bob Deerin spent more than a decade researching and perfecting the products and fabrication process to develop a product line that would improve customers’ lives. True to its roots, Prime Life Fibers® continues to research new product developments, technologies, and markets to provide tangible solutions to a variety of common wellness concerns.

The staff and warehouse for Prime Life Fibers® have recently relocated to its new address at 4537 Hillsborough Road, Durham, NC 27705. Those interested in more information, can call (866) 379-8198 or visit www.weareverincontinence.com.

About Prime Life Fibers®:

Prime Life Fibers® is a Durham, N.C.-based apparel company founded in 2002 by Bob Deerin. It offers comfortable, quality, affordable and stylish solutions for everyday health and wellness concerns, including the Wearever line of incontinence underwear and the Buster Brown line of comfort socks. To learn more, visit www.weareverincontinence.com.


Source: Wearever